Friday, March 23, 2007

Casual Friday, Hour 3

Maron's on deck this hour.

Make sure you listen to this Bill O'Reilly clip on Media Matters

Joel and Lauren's mics have been cut for three minutes. They will be back on at 11:17. Someone just sent this picture, claiming it is Joel. This is not, I repeat not, funny.


Casual Friday, Hour 2


Gonzo Watch, Day 12. Last week, Joe Conason predicted Gonzo would be gone-zo at 4 p.m. Today on the air, he backed off a bit: It may not happen today. Maybe because this happened today. Remember The Maine?


Casual Friday!

It's Casual Friday, and you know what that means: ZUBAZ!

[Thanks again to Dawn from Ann Arbor for this, the most casual of Photoshop jobs.]

On the show today: Joe Conason of and New York Observer, and Marc Maron of Marc Maron fame.

Robert Gates, no fan of Gitmo

Is the Sam Seder Juggernaut pokin' the bear?


Bill O'Reilly invents the concept of the "open transcript"

From AP via TPM Muckraker:

Former Deputy Interior Secretary Steven Griles will plead guilty to one count of obstruction of justice in the Jack Abramoff corruption investigation, The Associated Press has learned.

Griles, an oil and gas lobbyist who became an architect of President Bush's energy policies while at the Interior Department between July 2001 and July 2005, is the highest ranking Bush administration official implicated in the Washington lobbying scandal.

The former No. 2 official at the Interior Department has agreed to a felony plea admitting that he lied five times to the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and its investigators about his relationship with Abramoff, people involved in the case told the AP....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Your Baby Has a Fever

Coming up next! Andrew C. Revkin, reporter for the New York Times and author of The North Pole Was Here: Puzzles and Perils at the Top of the World.

Remember Sam's ultimatum for today: Call Congress about under-oath testimony for White House officials ... or Sam will play children's music. He's serious, folks.

Thursday: "We're Offering a Deal..."


GonzoWatch ... Day 11. At the moment, Joe Conason is the odds on favorite to win our "Gonzo Is Gonzo." He wagered that Alberto Gonzales would resign this Friday at 4 p.m. Not a bad bet... But for Pete's sake. Alberto, please resign. If only because the Seder Juggernaut is running out of Gonzo pictures.

Today on the show: We'll talk about Al Gore and more wiht Andrew Revkin, environmental reporter for the New York. Later, we'll talk progressive politics with Mike Lux, author of a new six-part series on The Huffington Post.

Sam made a serious threat this morning: Contact Congress and voice your support for tesimony from White House officials UNDER OATH ... or Sam will continue to play children's music on the show.

Call 202-225-3121 or go here to find your Senator or member of Congress.

Alan writes: "I have spoke to Senator Schumer's office, and left a message at
Senator Clinton's office, please no more music!"

Billy writes: "i PROMISE i will call my senator and vote next term if you PROMISE not to play anymore kiddie music.made me want to shoot my face off yesterday."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Clap Clap Clap Your Hands

Check out Atrios' excerpt of Nixon's articles of impeachment.

Um, particularly this article:

Article 3
In his conduct of the office of President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, contrary to his oath faithfully to execute the office of President of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has failed without lawful cause or excuse to produce papers and things as directed by duly authorized subpoenas issued by the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives on April 11, 1974, May 15, 1974, May 30, 1974, and June 24, 1974, and willfully disobeyed such subpoenas. The subpoenaed papers and things were deemed necessary by the Committee in order to resolve by direct evidence fundamental, factual questions relating to Presidential direction, knowledge or approval of actions demonstrated by other evidence to be substantial grounds for impeachment of the President. In refusing to produce these papers and things Richard M. Nixon, substituting his judgment as to what materials were necessary for the inquiry, interposed the powers of the Presidency against the the lawful subpoenas of the House of Representatives, thereby assuming to himself functions and judgments necessary to the exercise of the sole power of impeachment vested by the Constitution in the House of Representatives.

Are you watchin' the SAM CAM?

Man, Dewey always ruffles y'all's feathers:

Julie in NJ: Dew Boy certainly does not speak for most of NEW JERSEY!!!

Janet: "Please remind Dewey when you next speak to him that it is the 'DemocratIC Party,' not the 'Democrat Party'."

John: "I was struck by Dewey's concern about what will happen when liberals discover that their 'witchhunt' leads nowhere. Have we forgotten Whitewater? Conservatives are the experts at fruitless withchunts."

Justin (no, not that Justin): "He like so many conservatives thinks that everything is about money. Our system of government is not capitalism. Moron."

Anonymous: "did dewy get sober? he used to sound as if he was drunk on air"

Here's Jon from Pleasant Hill, CA on the "Is 'Gonzo' offensive" question:

In response to the caller earlier today who suggested that Hispanics would find your nickname of "Gonzo" offensive, I'd suggest that he take a closer look at his own President before he starts trying to deal with the hosts of radio shows. You know... the same President who's pet name for Mexican President Vincente Fox is "Montezuma".

OK. We're getting several definitions of "chupa cabra." Just look at this picture. Man, this thing is terrifying:

My Ball Is Big and Round

These songs ... these songs! They're killing me!

Call Sen. Charles Schumer and tell him you want Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, et. al., to testify under oath: 202-224-6542

Call Sen. Patrick Leahy and tell him you want Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, et. al., to testify under oath:(202) 224-4242

One of our conservative regulars, HR, called in to ask: Does the nickname "Gonzo" offend Hispanics? As in, "Gonzo Is Gone-zo?"

Listener Carlos writes: "Gonzo Gone-zo does not offend me as a hispanic living in America, Gonzales/Bush admin should go!" Loretta in Williamsburg, Brooklyn says she's not offended.

Muppets, however, have called in about the "Gonzo Is Gonzo" contest

Many say that they are offended by the implication that Gonzo the Muppet is a non-factor. A Muppet of yesterday (unlike, say, Elmo). Also, several have accused The Sam Seder Juggernaut of selecting only the most ridiculous and embarrassing photos of Gonzo. The Sam Seder Show makes no apologies.

It's Hump Day!

Here's the song (click on "Hello Song") that Sam won't stop playing today. It's his 19-month-old daughter's favorite. She likes it. She really really likes it. And if he has to sit through it 20,000 times, so do you.

Coming up in the 9:00 hour: Christy Harvey from the Center for American Progress and

Christy's talking about Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas)'s "mouth trumpet." Must be heard to be believed.

Gonzo Watch, what, day 10? Celebrate it: WATCH THE SAM CAM

Here's the story about the students who were banned from reading a poem about Emmett Till at their L.A. school's Black History Month celebration.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday, Hour 3

Coming up this hour, Markos of DailyKos!

What the hell, Glenn Beck? (P.S. Does he sound like Charles Nelson Reilly or what?)

Have you seen this? Sam and Markos are talking about it this hour.

Monday, Hour 2!

It's been an eventful first hour. Joe From Brooklyn called in -- yes, he of the infamous "I want to punch you liberal smokers in the nose" statement. He's still hot under the collar.

Coming up this hour, Sidney Blumenthal on his article, All Roves Lead to Rome

Thanks to all who have submitted their predictions for the Gonzo Is Gonzo contest. Shoot us an email to samsedershow @ gmail com if you want to receive the maiden voyage of The Sam Seder Show newsletter.

Remember when Ethan in Portland called in and said that Gonzales would be fired shortly after Bush voiced his unequivocal support for his attorney general? From AP today:

WASHINGTON - President Bush sent a powerful message of support Tuesday for embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, calling his longtime friend to express unwavering support in the face of calls for his resignation.

The White House also denied reports that it was looking for possible successors for Gonzales. "Those rumors are untrue," White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino said.

Bush called Gonzales from the Oval Office at 7:15 a.m. EDT and they spoke for several minutes about the political uproar over the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, an issue that has thrust the attorney general into controversy and raised questions about whether he can survive. The White House disclosed Bush's call to bolster Gonzales and attempt to rally Republicans to support him.

"The president reaffirmed his strong backing of the attorney general and his support for him," Perino said. "The president called him to reaffirm his support."

Monday - Gonzo Watch Day 9!

Today: SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL on Karl Rove's central role in the removal of U.S. attorneys. Also, MARKOS of DailyKos

Gonzo Watch has reached a fever pitch!


It's Day 9, and McClatchy reports that the White House is searching for a Gonzo replacement!

Support for Gonzales appeared to be collapsing under the weight of questions about his truthfulness and his management ability. White House spokesman Tony Snow offered a tepid defense when asked if Gonzales would stay on the job until the end of President Bush's term.

"We hope so," Snow said. "None of us knows what's going to happen to us over the next 21 months."

The stars have aligned for Gonzo!

You may want to complete major projects that you have been working on during the last few months before the solar change takes place.

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Monday, March 19, 2007


No me gusta, Senor Mitt:

''Hugo Chávez has tried to steal an inspiring phrase -- Patria o muerte, venceremos [Fatherland or death, we shall overcome],'' Romney said. ``It does not belong to him. It belongs to a free Cuba.''

No, it doesn't, said University of Miami Professor Jaime Suchlicki.

''It belongs to Fidel,'' said Suchlicki, an expert on Cuban history. ``I don't know where [Romney] got that.''


Romney punctuated his speech with ''Libertad, libertad, libertad!'' to show his support for freedom in Cuba. But to some, he was echoing a line from Scarface, a movie notorious for its stereotyped portrayal of Cuban immigrants.


Gonzo Watch! Day 8!


Listener Nancy has been eliminated in the "Gonzo Is Gone-zo" pool. She said Attorney General Alberto Gonzales would resign on St. Patrick's Day. Unless Gonzo's resignation has been sitting on President Bush's desk since Saturday, Nancy did not have the luck of the Irish. Marc Maron could be eliminated as well -- he said Gonzo would be gone-zo today.

On the show today:

BILL SCHER, regular guest and proprietor of Liberal Oasis, author of Wait! Don't Move to Canada: A Stay-and-Fight Strategy to Win Back America on GONZO WATCH!

PAUL KRUGMAN, professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University and op-ed columnist for The New York Times.

ERIC BOEHLERT, senior fellow at Media Matters for America and author of Lapdogs: How The Press Rolled Over for Bush joins us to talk about the imbalance of Sunday talk shows. Report is available online at