Friday, March 30, 2007

wherein I legally change my daughter's name to Henry Waxman

The super hero trucks on!


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toniD said...

Hi Sam.

Crank Bait said...

Sheesh. Us Luddites are being beaten over the head with another learning curve.

toniD said...

Alberto's family?

Cat Chew said...

Hello, Toni, Crank.

toniD said...

Well Sam told you. It was up to him.

He's down to Sundays only.

He is working on other things and will tell us more.

Sam said they wanted something lighter, not so heavy handed in that time slot.

Crank Bait said...

Good luck, Sam. I hope it all goes your way...and that you can enjoy a sense of confidence in what your next day will hold for you.

Cat Chew said...

Thanks for the heads up, Sam. I wish I could write something gracious like Crank, but I'm too steamed at management to be civil. Best wishes. I'll still be listening, whenever and wherever.

I'm reconsidering the Stephanie Miller rumors I read at Air America Place...

toniD said...

I really felt bad about all this.

What the new owners are doing is cutting the cost. They are going to rent shows now instead of having talent to pay for.

toniD said...

anyone still here?

toniD said...

Pinocchio Bush


Cat Chew said...

Hey, Toni. Sort of still here.
Working on other things, welcoming Phooman, stewing...

Crank Bait said...

Cat Stew. Why didn't I think of that before?

Cat Chew said...

[coffee spew]

Mimi said...

I'll even buy the pink stuff, those ads from three years ago. We all love you, Sam. If it's Sundays, so be it! Teachers can listen then.

Alice said...

Hi Toni..I'm here too..thanks for telling me about the thread...

toniD said...

Now that Sam let it out of the bag... I emailed him, today, about the rumors and he told me they were true. He asked me not to say anything and I said I wouldn't it was up to him to tell the rest of you.

toniD said...

Here's his answer to me:

Hi Toni:
I'm afraid it's true. I'll be doing monday and then thurs and friday.. Off the record pls, but the radio people here feel this time slot should have "less substance" I don't think I plan to make a public dispute out of this...I am negotiating with them for a sunday show.

I'll let you guys in on more info next week. This is not the end of the blog, in fact, now that I have some notion of what I'll be doing three weeks out my blog rework can begin.

Alice said...

Venezuela to Introduce Local Currencies

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said yesterday that his government would like to introduce local currencies in communities, so as to help their development and to alleviate poverty. Local currencies would allow people to exchange goods and services without needing the national currency to enable such transactions.

Chavez said such currencies “can improve life and above all for the construction of a new social, economic, and political system” by creating an “alternative system of commerce.” Such systems have been applied in many places, according to Chavez, such as “in northern Brazil and in some localities of Mexico.”

toniD said...

Well he got his Sunday show anyway!

Cat Chew said...

Good evening, Alice, Mimi.
ToniD-iscreet :)

"What the new owners are doing is cutting the cost."
"less substance"

No one ever went broke
underestimating the intelligence
of the American people.
~~~H. L. Mencken

toniD said...

Shell, did you hear that Bill called me today. We talked for a long time about the "Old" days and what is happening in our lives.

He's sending me two of the CDs from his old band. Do you know we've know each other since grammar school? He and a few others, all brothers except Bill, started the band in the 7th grade.

I saw his picture, he got chubby and bald, but, still the same. He's a Viet Nam vet also.

Now we are trying to get in touch with another of our old group.

Mimi said...

Mark Green was on the WWRL show that's on before Sam's in NYC. He was talking up Sam Greenfield and ?Armstrong Williams!!!?? They are terrible. My household only tolerates that show because we were too lazy to change the AirAmerica station in most mornings while waiting for Sam Seder. I guess now we can be "grate"ful, we will never have to listen to their blather again.

air-ono said...

dearest sammiest,

i'll always be your devoted schmuck

and if i ever see you in a seedy bar in rio, it'll be my pleasure to take you by the hand and do la coca racha...

hell! we'll give it a fair shake

Alice said...

I open windows in new this is odd the way it looks..I keep going to the top first to post....I'll get used to everything else we go through to blog here.. ;)

I hope they don't cut Sam Seder's money for moving...

air-ono said...

it's also fair to warn you officially, that i've put a curse on aar to go belly up

and god willing the cocaine shipment shows up and all goes well so i'll have enough moola to purchase aar

and, as bon scott would say, we'll have ourselves a ball

Alice said...

That's so exciting, Toni! ...and romantic.... What's the name of the band he was in again? That's so lucky to find a grammar school friend cute...Do you have any photos of yourselves from your school days?

air-ono said...

what's this bullshit peeping hole post-box

i need room to display my plumage

and also to apply a hammerlock on crank

Crank Bait said...

---Bait Blog News---

Seder Takes God Slot, Goes Head To Head WIth Almighty

Alice said...

See that would be cool, if air america were a cooperative...

air-ono said...

enjoy it while you can, b-i-l-l

because after i take toni out for burger and coke

she'll be throwing rocks at you sorry ass


air-ono said...

i can't work under such cramped conditions


SunshineJim said...


stay tuned for further developments,

revolting or otherwise...

is "less substance"

corporatese for

"fuck you"?

toniD said...

Shell, instead of opening the comments use this link and then you will get the big page:

open it in a new tab...

air-ono said...

besides, i gotta capture all the scenes of a killer dream i had

and turn it into a movie

SunshineJim said...

Dogger walk time!

air-ono said...

to'ra mou le i treli, ya to miyalo boxi

Alice said...

I'm in that sort of window,'s stupid ol' air ono who's complaining about bing cramped...(see what a jerk he is...?)


Alice said...

I mean I'm in a tab..


SJ I was going to say that..."LIGHTER?"...they want something LIGHTER?!!!!!!!!!!

toniD said...

You too ono, you try that link I posted and you'll have more than enough room.

The comment box is small but the page takes the whole screen.

air-ono said...

re: //"less substance"//

well connie got her way and she'll get that fucking stupid bitch -- stephanie miller

preceded by those equally vacuous blabber-mouths -- the young turks

Alice said...


Alice said...

ICANN Says No To '.xxx' Domain

air-ono said...


now the screen is too fucking wide!

where's the happy medium i was promised when i was conceived

god-damn it!!

i was deceived

toniD said...

air-ono said...
to'ra mou le i treli, ya to miyalo boxi

March 30, 2007 11:10 PM


Crank Bait said...


Give air-ono a link to a comment box large enough for seven characters. That's all he needs.
air-ono said...hey you s
air-ono said...ons-a-b
air-ono said...itches,
air-ono said...cut it ou
air-ono said...t!

Cat Chew said...

air-ono, try mouse click, hold, and dragging on the borders of the box.

toniD said...

air-ono said...

now the screen is too fucking wide!

where's the happy medium i was promised when i was conceived

god-damn it!!

Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag!!!! Jeeesh!

Alice said...

Look how they slant it...

Producer Says Sam Seder's Show Will End Next Week

Friday, March 30, 2007

The on again off again rumors about the end of Sam Seder Show, are on again today.

At 12:17 pm et today, Mo Lib, a poster on the Sam Seder Show blog claimed he that he heard Dan Pashman, a member of the Sam Seder Show production staff, say that they were "making a promo on Monday saying this is the last week of Sam Seder Show."

Here is the exact text of Mo Lib’s post:

mo lib said...

With the Sammy Cam still on I clearly heard Dan Pashman say they will make a promo on Monday saying this is the last week of the Sam Seder Show. This sucks!Sam will do fine without AAR. He's smart and creative. It's a real loss for the rest of us.I hope he can stay on the radio. Maybe with Nova M. This is really sad news.

Is this true? Or just another rumor about the demise on Seder’s morning show on Air America Radio?

After Mo Lib’s post there were dozen’s of comments on Pashman’s statement, which was apparently made on the Sammy Cam after today’s show was over.

Some of the posters seemed resigned to admit that Seder’s show was indeed coming to end. Others suggested that this was just some kind on April Fool’s joke planned on the eve of the third anniversary of the AAR launch.

Talking Radio is attempting to contact Seder and AAR officials to confirm the status of the veteran talker’s show.

Posted by barooosk

air-ono said...

at this point in time:

everyones a wanker in mine eyes

however, having said that, circumstances may change

and i may be hard pressed up against the wall of reality to alter my assessment of everyone

or (and that's a big or) they may remain the same

WaitingForCicero said...




air-ono said...

the stretch trick don't work on the wanky small box, sugar-cat

and on a less substantive note (which i heard is all the rage these days) how does crank know my min

does he have a direct fe

did he invent the hammerlo

where is this leadi...

to a las vegas cha

Alice said...

Taiwan offers 'freeway' for butterflies

TAIPEI, Taiwan

Taiwan will cordon off part of a highway to create a safe passage for a massive seasonal butterfly migration in the coming days, an official said Saturday.

The milkweed butterflies — which are indigenous to the island off China and have distinct white dots on purple brown wings — migrate in late March from southern Taiwan to the north, where they lay eggs and die.

The young butterflies then fly south every November to a warm mountain valley near the southern city of Kaohsiung to escape the winter cold in the north.

Conservationists say Taiwan has about 2 million milkweed butterflies.

To protect the migrating butterflies, a 600-yard stretch of highway in southern Taiwan's Yunlin County will be sealed off in the coming days as the migration peaks, said Lee Tai-ming, head of the National Freeway Bureau.

Alice said...

ono, couldn't you just change the text size?

air-ono said...


don't despair, waits

your whiny protestations have not fallen on deaf ears

for if circumstances change...

you'll be one of the 1st million nics i strike from my everyones a wanker list

: )

Alice said...

That was a 'happy place' post for you, Cicero...{{hugs}}

air-ono said...

i could shell if i knew how

and anyway why would i contemplate even contemplating to do anything you suggest

you're not my puppet master

i'm a sovereign entity!!!

a walkin' talkin' one dude under god, man

Cat Chew said...

air-ono, sorry. Apparently that works only in Opera browser. :/

Thanks for all the updates, folks.
I missed most of the last two hours of the show,
missed the warning signs...

Admire your discretion, Toni.
Have a good evening, y'all.

Alice said...

air-ono said...

March 30, 2007 11:34 PM

To tell you how I'd have to ask what browser you're using..& I know you hate telling personal might be View/Text Size....or View/Text Zoom

Lula’s Trip to Washington Today Marks Brazil’s Next Giant Step to Becoming a Heavy Player

WaitingForCicero said...

Thanks, ono, A.

Just a bit bummed.

Got to run, have to give my brother a hand in Eugene tomorrow. Time to drive pretty soon.

I'll hoist a couple for Sam and for the blog tonight.

Many blessings, ono, A., toniD, Cat Chew, and anyone lurking

toniD said...

Careful Driving WFC!

Have to work early tomorrow so I'm off too.

Hope I don't dream about this!

WaitingForCicero said...

It's The End Of The World As We Know It, R.E.M.

: )

"And I feel fine"

air-ono said...

my mind is over-stimulated

anything i post would only be down hill from here, so gtg

and what i have in my high-octane brain will put slash marks in your psyche

so bbl when i got some equanimity...

and oi vay, need to focus so i can make a fist at my killer dream before it vanishes down the memory hole

air-ono said...

think "happy medium" wee-ono

think "happy fucking medium" you fuck

: )


(huff-puff, huff-puff)

Alice said...

Me too..tomorrow is the TechKnow Rodeo...I get to dress western-like & show the public what all the parts of a pc & some peripherals are ( >:-| ) weee.....


Goodnight, Blog..& Goodnight Sam Seder...sorry about the erotica this morning...Keep up the great work..I can think of some positive things about being on once a week...

Alice said...

--slash marks in your psyche---

That's mid to high on hottness... sweet dreams, ono...




SunshineJim said...

i think Sam was too effective.

air-ono said...

ride the crazy horsey-stick, wee-ono (i tell myself)


(huff-puff, huff-puff, huff-puff)

air-ono said...

later, my beloveds
: )

you too, s.j.


Phantasmagoria said...

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2. Assume that your capacity for experiencing pleasure is not a barrier to your spiritual growth, but is in fact essential to it. What would you do differently from what you do now?

3. Close your eyes and visualize an alluring person standing in front of you. Then imagine that he or she is gazing at you with affectionate desire.

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Catharine said...

What's up with this blogspot?!

Even worse than before.

Trying to post comments is unbearable.

Anyway, the news about Sam ...

Hoping it's an April Fool's joke, but if it isn't I am curious what their idea of "less substance" is going to be.

Why can't we have substance and humor? I kinda thought Sam brought that.

However, I don't think it's a cost cutting maneuver since the programming guy they hired is known for working with "major talent" which means expensive.

I guess he also buys into the "drive time mentality" even though Sam is not "drive time" on the East Coast. Truthfully, we all liked listening to him at night, because we could listen to him every night.

Weekends are ... well ... I don't think that's such a great time slot as people are more likely out, but ... who knows ... I might change my listening habits.

Besides really having an attachment to Sam, I hope that they get people who are still political.

Otherwise, it's adios.

Frankly, maybe it will be adios anyway. Maybe I'll resort to only listening on the weekends.

I wonder what happens to Randi? When ownership changed hands, did her contract stay? Talk about substance. And Thom Hartmann... he's very much substance ... a good move on their part.


Are you sure this isn't an April Fools Joke?

Well, Sam will also have more time to do other things if he's only doing a show once a week, and he's young and has a lot of choices career wise.

Catharine said...

It could be true, I guess... cuz Marc Maron is "less substance"... the whole neurotic jew schtick. It's "lite".... like "lite" FM..

Maybe they'll get Richard Lewis?


Catharine said...

I dunno ....

I still think Maron and Seder are putting us on...


Good one, guys....!

Catharine said...

But they wouldn't kid Toni...

That wouldn't be nice ...

They'd have hell to pay!



Well either way ... it'll all be fun ... change is good! Change is life! To stay the same is to die.

Catharine said...

To stay the same, to hold on, is to die ...

Put that in context of Conservatism... in every sense of the word.


Catharine said...

hey want to see magic?

dada is about to post...

dada said...

We're just getting started. Come what may, I hope all you fine bloggers don't think you can just drift away. We've got the core of a community to build from. Quirky and fun. Great chemistry. Each one of us can hold our own during heated intellectual debate. We've all grown exponentially.

Sappy, but you know it's true. We all have a responsibility to this country, to the planet, to speak out, to take action. Thanks Sam, for the opportunity to connect.

There. Abracadabra...

dada said...

Cat thinks my post was really dorky.

Catharine said...

oh.. please.


kinda lame we're talking to each other ... no one else is here.

dada said...

It's alright, everyone can read at their lesiure.

There's no time on a blog, only timestamps.


CeeCee said...

I noticed too that the newletter emailed from AAR conspicuously omitted reference to Sam's show.

Is this Sam's choice? I thought it strange that he moved his family so far away, and questioned how long their separation would last, particularly since he seems like he takes his "Daddy" role seriously. Yes I know it is a New York thing to keep an apartment intown for the work week.

But Mike Malloy has been hinting some surprises would be forthcoming and announced soon. Nova-M seems to be more flexible and radio-business savvy, Sam could broadcast from a home studio.

I am bummed. I hope this is an April Fool's Joke.

SunshineJim said...


SunshineJim said...

i think this will free sam up considerably.

AAR may recover but i don't see em making any slick moves so far.

the bloggie peeps have always been my main concern and we've all gained from the experience.

we'll see what hapens on the next show. bloggie 3 year anniversary monday!

Anonymous said...

less substantive?

it is a morning show...

it's the first news of the day

I think Air America's producers are actually working against Air America

new or not, they are doing the same thing as the old ones


SunshineJim said...

there was a post when the greens showed up about them being part of a scam. if so it's the SOS and they have their hand on the kill switch.

no biggie, what happened is to the good, despite efforts to frustrate us.

i'm looking forward to what's next and remembering what we've done.

Anonymous said...

they want Stephanie Miller...

I see


I like Stephanie Miller but as far as the morning time slot Sam is better

it is the first news of the day

Sam's show is like coffee

Stephanie's is like tequila


Anonymous said...

Sam's daughter is going to be teased mercilessly with a name like Henry.

At least he didn't name her Janeane, though.

Anonymous said...

When I first heard Stephanie Miller it was when I got off work, at midnight

I actually think she is good for a time slot for that...when people want to relax and be silly

Maybe not midnight, but five or six when people are getting off work


Anonymous said...

re: //"less substance"//

//well connie got her way and she'll get that fucking stupid bitch -- stephanie miller

preceded by those equally vacuous blabber-mouths -- the young turks//

that was mean air ono

i just saw that

Stephanie Miller is light and funny but she still gets her points across

life is a balance

you can't have hammer down serious all the time


Anonymous said...

if I had to choose though
between Sam and Steph, it would be Sam

Because Sam is really nice to people, very patient

So is Steph, but, i think its kind of fake sometimes-but she does do a good show!!!

That is what counts in a person, how you treat other people

Also, the young turks are very nice to people too


Anonymous said...

I'm the only one here


pretty pathetic


even for this blog

SunshineJim said...


Anonymous said...

hi Sunny

It is like 8pm for me

because of my stupid schedule


Anonymous said...


one minute after yours!



I am surfing the net, not constantly refreshing this page


i just came back here at that moment


SunshineJim said...

i wanted to back off and make sure things were ok here.

glad i did, starting to catch up and get my 'to do' list whittled down a bit.

SunshineJim said...


sometimes i'll be reading and i get the feeling somethings going on.

i check the blog and there is.

got a feeling just then.

(we're going psychic)

SunshineJim said...


weird hours. i know.

eya kiddoo, we all love ya u know!

Anonymous said...

I think things are fine here


I am really impressed with how Sam is concerned with his core auidence...15 people...maybe more? On this blog. Very impressive.
I can't say I'd do the same thing in his position...time marches on,

I am swearing off Steph Miller from now on

well. pretty much.

after tomorrow


Sam is a good guy. He really is. Who would put this much time into a pack of no bodies?


Anonymous said...

(we're going psychic)


It's Dada's evil spells




SunshineJim said...

when we're growing up we expect things of people.

eventually you learn to enjoy people as they are.

Anonymous said...

So true


People (except for the narcissitic pyschopaths)

are worth being on this Earth for


Anonymous said...

Well, even the narcisstic pyschopaths...they are fuckin' hilarious!


no doubt.

(From a distance mind you)


Anonymous said...

night Sunny



SunshineJim said...

way more peeps left than you think.

most of us waiting in lurk mode for Sam to get it together.

we get pretty independant after years of struggle. we have to deal with this as it develops.

what's going to happen will be shocking and will touch everyone of us. still early days in some ways though.

SunshineJim said...

night love!

gimme a call sometime so i can tell ya bad jokes and get ya laffing!

SunshineJim said...

i'm out,

love ya all!

Anonymous said...

night Sunny!



Anonymous said...

Oh my freakin GOD

no one has written to Chubby Bubba yet

that does it

I am writing him right now...

poor Chubas!


SunshineJim said...

chubby has a new address,

i'll post it tomorrow, they moved him to Spokane.

Anonymous said...

here is the letter... please add on EVERYONE as you see fit

Dear Chubby Bubba aka Kirk,

Hi it’s Conbo, Aka Connie Booth

The first thing I have to tell you is…everyone on the blog is thinking about you.
It’s just we can’t figure out how to put a stamp on an envelope and mail it to you!!!!

Consider yourself lucky if you get this letter!

The only reason any of us thought of snail mail is because Sunny J. , in backwards Canada reminded us of the possibility. Jk about backwards Canada…give my left arm to live there right now!!!!

In particular, Crank Bait misses you, cause no one else understands his jokes!
I try, but ya know, I was blessed with only 3 brain cells…1 for waking up for work ontime, 1 for my son, and 1 for the analytical. Hahahahahaha

Air Ono has been racked with guilt as well. He even swore he would take a knife and write a post it note on his arm: :’Write To CHUBBY’

The rest of the blog misses you as well, but they were not on as personal terms with you but they have all said “Hey, Where is Chubby?”

The trolls too…btw I think one troll in particular, Gare, has a mancrush on you.
Just sayin’. He asks about you more than Crank Bait.

As for the blog….well. It has been through some changes. It crashed. Sam moved us all to E blogger. Which, actually was a good thing, because we can collapse the troll’s post’s
On Eblogger.

Some bad news. Sam is being fired, sort of, as usual. He is being offered a Sunday show. I think Air America sucks shit and I hope Sam moves to Nova M. They don’t play the game…it is owned and operated by real libs.

What else is going on….hmm. Well. The U.S. is probably going to nuke Iran or invade it
Depending on the monetary recourses. Really soon. Bush is in the process of being scrutinized because it has been discovered that Gonzalez used the GSA for political purposes and fired a bunch of attorney’s to advance the Republican cause, which in all honesty, seems to be to stay out of jail.

If the U.S. attacks Iran, then all this will be thrown into the background. And Bush will stay on.

Hillary thinks she is the first Madame Prez, and has been consulting with Martha Stewart about new drapes…curtains that say Middle Ground but not too afraid to kick ass in the middle east…needless to say, NO ONE IS SUPPORTING HER! Except for the Neilson Rating. Ha!

The big run now is between Obama and Edwards.

Well. That is what is going on!

I hope you are doing as well as could be expected, and we love you all on the blog and miss you! A hole is there where you once were.


Connie B.

Anonymous said...

oops. i posted my real name.

off to GITMO with me.

i am truly a jackass



Anonymous said...


Sometimes known as the Australian Taleban, David Hicks was born in the southern city of Adelaide to Terry and Susan.

David Hicks has two children by his common-law wife Jodie

His parents described him as a "typical boy who couldn't settle down" and, as a teenager, he experimented with drink and drugs and was expelled from school at 14.

He tried various jobs, including skinning kangaroos at a meat-packing factory and fishing for sharks.

While working on a series of cattle ranches in the outback, he met Jodie Sparrow, with whom he had two children.

After the couple separated, Hicks decided to become a horse trainer in Japan.

One day in 1998, he phoned his parents to tell them he had decided to join an organisation called the KLA.

"I thought it was an airline," his father Terry reportedly said...

Well. Kangaroo skinner, US Terrorist...US Army...lord knows these days....

toniD said...

Gravel: ‘I Have My Suspicions’ That No Matter Who Is Elected ‘They’re Not Going To Get Out Of Iraq’ »
Former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-AK) served two terms in the Senate through the 1970s, a period marked by the U.S.’s struggle to end the Vietnam War. In 1971, when military analyst Daniel Ellsberg famously leaked the Pentagon Papers — which documented the “policymaking process that led to our deepening involvement in Vietnam” — Gravel, a war critic, audaciously read the documents into the Congressional Record to ensure that the public would have access to them.

Also in 1971, Gravel, “against the advice of Democratic leaders in the Senate, launched a one-man filibuster to end the peacetime military draft, forcing the administration to cut a deal that allowed the draft to expire in 1973.”

Now, he’s running for President. He told us last weekend that he thought the Iraq redeployment provision attached to the House and Senate supplemental bills is “ridiculous legislation.” “We need to get out now,” Gravel said, adding that he had his “suspicions” that whoever is elected president in 2008 is “not going to get out of Iraq.”

“We are fighting over the ownership of the Titanic. That’s really what’s going on,” he said. “Keep in mind when Nixon got elected — he said I got a plan to end the war. Yeah, it took him four years. And we doubled the number of casualties under his tenure.” Gravel warned, “I suspect we’re going in the same direction.” Watch it:

Gravel also advocated a carbon tax. He said Americans should “keep in mind” that every time they fill up their gas tank, “you’re spending another $4.00 per gallon indirectly by maintaining American troops in 140 countries to stabilize the price of oil.”


toniD said...

In Major Shift, U.S. Imposes Tariffs on Chinese Paper
WASHINGTON, March 30 — The Bush administration, in a major escalation of trade pressure on China, said Friday that it would reverse more than 20 years of American policy and impose potentially steep tariffs on Chinese manufactured goods on the ground that China is illegally subsidizing some of its exports.

The action, announced by Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez, signaled a tougher approach to China at a time when the administration’s campaign of quiet diplomacy by Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. has produced few results.

The step also reflected the shift in trade politics since Democrats took control of Congress. The widening American trade deficit with China, which reached a record $232.5 billion last year, or about a third of the entire trade gap, has been seized upon by Democrats as a symbol of past policy failures that have led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Mr. Gutierrez’s announcement has the immediate effect of imposing duties on two Chinese makers of high-gloss paper, one at 10.9 percent and the other 20.4 percent, calculated by adding up the supposedly illegal subsidies.

But trade and industry officials say future actions based on the department’s new policy could lead to duties on imports of Chinese steel, plastics, machinery, textiles and many other products sold in the United States, if as expected those industries seek relief and the department finds that they are harmed by illegal subsidies.

Indeed, industry and administration officials say that they chose the high-quality paper industry last year to serve as a test case for a sweeping revision of the administration’s previous policies, which did not allow for antisubsidy duties for Communist or other nonmarket economies.

Mr. Gutierrez said that the administration’s step was based on careful study of Chinese subsidy practices and was being carried out irrespective of any pressure from Congress.

“This is simply an application of our law,” he declared. “The message that we have been sending all along to all of our trading partners is that we want fair trade and that we will use every tool at our disposal to guarantee that our workers and our companies have a level playing field.”


“This is an important day for the thousands of paper workers throughout the United States,” said Leo W. Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers of America, whose union represents paper workers. “The message to foreign governments is, ‘Stop providing unfair subsidies to your exporters.’ ”

John Engler, a former governor of Michigan who is now president of the National Association of Manufacturers, said the announcement was “great news and an important step toward balanced trade with China.”

But the president of a company that serves as the American marketing arm of the Chinese paper industry warned that the ruling would lead to higher costs for American consumers. “What we are hearing from paper buyers is that because of high American prices, they have no choice but to buy paper offshore,” said Tom Vendetti, president of China Paper Holdings.

The paper case has been closely watched for months in trade circles, where the rules on subsidies and duties are somewhat arcane. American law allows the United States to impose what are called antidumping duties when imports are sold in the United States at prices below what it costs to produce them.


Anonymous said...

THURS., MAR. 29, 2007

CC SOUTH PARK 1,854,000
FNC GRETA 1,689,000
FNC SHEP SMITH 1,381,000
FNC HUME 1,336,000
CNN KING 1,062,000
CNN DOBBS 874,000
CNN COOPER 756,000

South Park???? has 2X Olberman's ratings???

toniD said...

Anonymous, you just posted ratings for shows. Do you actually think that this will make a difference in what is happening in the world?

To me it is a waste of time!

The important thing right now is not ratings for megalomaniac, corporate news programs, it's to keep this nations together.

If you haven't looked lately, it is these very programs that have helped Bush devide this country.

Everyone is worried about the Civil War in Iraq, I see it happening here. Not by firing shots so much but there is definately a civil war.

So take your ratings info and put it where it belongs!

Bob26003 said...

Hello Bloggers :)

Bob26003 said...

The simple fact is: Less than 1/3 of the American people support this War.

This is not America's War, this is Bush's War.

The problem is: He is using our blood and treasure, not his.

Jill said...

Hi, Sam --

Thanks for filling us in (not that we hadn't already guessed). I blogged on the situation this morning. I know it won't help you, but I had to vent. I've been fighting with AAR now for over a year; first about Maron and now you and it's exhausting. I hate to see them shoot themselves in the foot (and their best talent right in the face).

I hope you know that we're all with you and I Am Telling You We're Not Going.

toniD said...

Bush will have a news conference this afternoon. 4 PM ET.

I wonder what he's going to lie about today.

I know he's not to happy about Pelosi going to Syria. But, what's this? The republicans are also going to Syria? Oh. And where is the news of this on MSM?

Bob26003 said...

Have you guys heard about the Saudi Peace proposal in which all Arab countries would recognize Israel if they pull out of occupied territories?

Anonymous said...

Pelosi's outreach to a state sponsor of terrorism is a ``really bad idea,'' White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said at a briefing in Washington. ``Someone should take a step back and think about the message that it sends and the message that it sends to our allies.''

Perino's remarks come as a group of Republican lawmakers has embarked on their own trip to Syria. Michael Lowry, a spokesman for Representative Robert Aderholt, said that the Alabama lawmaker will visit Syria as part of a Republican delegation led by Representative Frank Wolf, a Virginia Republican. Wolf is the top Republican on the House appropriations subcommittee that funds the State Department.

Meanwhile, the boobs at redstate say

Bob26003 said...

Detainee Alleges Abuse in CIA Prison
Torture Coerced Confession, He Says

By Josh White and Ann Scott Tyson
Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, March 31, 2007; Page A01

GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba, March 30 -- A high-level al-Qaeda suspect who was in CIA custody for more than four years has alleged that his American captors tortured him into making false confessions about terrorist attacks in the Middle East, according to newly released Pentagon transcripts of a March 14 military tribunal hearing here.

toniD said...

Morning Bob!

Can't stay much longer. Work today.

Bob26003 said...

Hey toniD , I forget how to make a html link, can you show me?

Nice to see you

Alice said...

Ok, I got ready too I'm just sitting here...I did a braid in my one feels wird but looks ok with my silly cowboy hat on...

Only on more thing about Sam so far this morning..should b a lot more soon I'd bet...

Mark Green, in Blazing Saddles, the remake

Well, not exactly. But remember that scene in Blazing Saddles where Cleavon Little holds the gun to his own head and says, "Nobody move or the n----- gets it!"?

Right now Air America management is like that Cleavon Little character.

Yesterday I was at home in the morning waiting for the plumber to come and let me know how many arms and legs it was going to cost to replace the toilet and vanity in the upstairs bathroom, and I took advantage of the opportunity to check into the "Sammy Cam", the camera that runs sometimes during Air America's Sam Seder Show. The most interesting thing about Sammy Cam is what you hear during the commercial breaks.

Yesterday what we heard after the show was something that had been rumored for a while, but has now been pretty much confirmed: If you thought that Air America under Stephen and Mark Green would somehow be different from the way it was under Danny Goldberg; that they would recognize the value of the talent to the Air America product, that they would realize it takes a while for radio shows to build a listener base and make a profit, well, guess again.

Because a little slip yesterday told us what Sam Seder has been alluding to all week: Once again, Air America management is putting the gun to its own head and cancelling one of its best shows.

I and other loyalists to Air America and to the old Morning Sedition crew have expended a great deal of energy over the past year lobbying with AAR to get Marc Maron back on the air. When those efforts failed, we for the most part adopted Sam Seder as the next best thing. And now it looks like they're doing it again. For whether it was accidental or not (and I have my doubts), the Sammy Cam was left on yesterday after the show, and temporary producer Dan Pashman mentioned something about doing a promo next week to tune into the final two Sam Seder shows.

So now we know. And now we know that any illusions we had that the new ownership would stop the relentless march of AAR down the road to a 12-hour lineup of progressive utopians with no sense of humor (® Maron); and its transformation into a hybrid of the most corporatist aspects of National Public Radio and the most insufferable self-righteousness of Pacifica, punctuated with commercials for Ovaltine, schemes to get rich quick in the foreclosure market, and baldness cures; have been broken on the rocks of continued mismanagement. We've already seen signs that Air America is simply a vanity project for Mark Green -- just as it was for Danny Goldberg, who promptly upon joining the company peppered the airwaves with ads for his own Artemis Records label and gave Artemis artist Steve Earle his own radio show. Ads for Green's latest book pepper the network's airwaves, and I have a feeling I know who is going to take over that 9 AM to noon timeslot. (Hint: he wrote this book.)

Melina has a long history in the broadcast industry, and puts it all into a larger perspective (including, for some reason, parrots, which actually now that I think about it may be appropriate). Meanwhile, it looks increasingly that all we can do is look back in sorrow AND in anger -- at what could have and should have been.

Bob26003 said...

That is so cool that you are dressed up Wild West style to teach Computer stuff Alice :D

Your Library sounds Awesome

Bob26003 said...

Here is some good news to cheer you up


Judge axes new U.S. forestry rules

• U.S. judge tosses out new Bush administration rules for national forests
• Rules allowed shorter environmental review for commercial projects
• Plaintiff says projects might have led to loss of species
• Government lawyers say they haven't decided whether to appeal

SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- A federal judge on Friday tossed out new Bush administration rules that gave national forest managers more discretion to approve logging and other commercial projects without lengthy environmental reviews.

U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled that the government failed to adequately consider the effects the rules would have on the environment and neglected to properly gather public comment on the issue.

Hamilton said in her written decision that the government couldn't institute the new rules until proper environmental reviews were conducted, but she declined to specify how the nation's 155 national forests should be managed until then.

The ruling overturns a key administration environmental rule that governs all 192 million acres of national forests and stops plans such as logging and mining in the parks.

"I think people who love wildlife and care for our public forests should be elated by this decision," said Peter Frost, an attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center, one of 15 environmental groups that brought a pair of lawsuits challenging the new rules.

toniD said...

Bob... html lesson

(a href="link here")place what you want to describe link here(/a)

replace the ( ) with < > and you can link

Alice said...

Hi Bob!
It should be fun...the more computer literate the people in the community, the better for everyone...

How are you?

The Secret Government - 21 min

Bill Moyers, the respected TV journalist, analyzes the threats to constitutional government posed by an illegitimate network of "superpatriots", spies, profiteers, mercenaries and ex-generals. His documentary gives a fascinating overview of what has actually happened in the last 50 years regarding the CIA and the Cold War (including Iran, Guatamala, Cuba, Vietnam and Chile). He features such people as Ralph McGeehee and Phil Retinger (both former CIA agents), Rear Admiral Gene La Rocque (Ret. U.S.N.), Theodore Bissell (active in the CIA at the time), Sen. Frank Church and many others.

toniD said...

Morning Shell!!

Sad article :(

I have to leave now. Have a great rest of the day and see you all later.

Bob26003 said...

I am good A. , just chewing on a decision I have to make :/

I will tell youns about it later.

Alice said...

It sure is... :(

Have a great day, Toni... see you when you get home... xox

Bob26003 said...

Sparkling Fresh Link

Resisting Corporate Power in Colombia

Hans Bennett interviews Aviva Chomsky

Aviva Chomsky is professor of history and Latin American Studies at Salem State College in Massachusetts. She is also a founder of the North Shore Colombia Solidarity Committee, which has been working since 2002 with Colombian labor and popular movements, especially those affected by the foreign-owned mining sector.

Alice said...

Ok Bob...lemme know if I can help...

I love #'s letter to could be cool to just write to him on here & let her print it out and mail it like she was going to do...I will do it tonight, either way...Cuz if I were Chubbs, I would feel sad if no one wrote to me in jail..& I sure as hell don't want to suffer his wratch again when he gets out & yells at us for being so negligent... :)

Bob26003 said...


Stop Torture

Stopping the Torture Business in Our Hometowns

An Interview With Christina Cowger of North Carolina Stop Torture Now

Alice said...

Recall Expanded to Some Dry Cat Food

Federal testing of recalled pet foods turned up a chemical used to make plastics but failed to confirm the presence of a cancer drug also used as rat poison. The recall expanded Friday to include the first dry pet food.

The Food and Drug Administration said Friday it found melamine in samples of the Menu Foods pet food involved in the original recall and in imported wheat gluten used as an ingredient in the company's wet-style products. Cornell University scientists also found melamine in the urine of sick cats, as well as in the kidney of one cat that died after eating some of the recalled food.

Bob26003 said...

Good Point Shell. Two of my best buds are in jail :(

One for thirty yrs, the other doesn't know yet but is looking at least a few.

That was an awesome Ideer of Conbos.

Maybe, we could also just print some of the good exchanges that took place on the blog. Give him something to laugh at. :)

Alice said...

Aviva Chomsky


Bob26003 said...

Check out Some Columbian Music at Nat. Geo

Colombia Overview:

Colombian music and culture are truly representative of the area's geographic regions. As with many of the countries in the continent of South America, combinations of European, African and indigenous traditions emerged over the centuries, producing a wide variety of music (and dance) styles.

Colombia's Amazonian region includes more than 100 native tribes, such as the Chocó, who still speak their native languages and include music as a part of daily life—from magic and ritual to healing. The Andean region shares the wealth of musical traditions going back to the Incan empire as well as many mestizo forms with neighboring Perú and Ecuador. The Pacific coast contains a significant African-derived or Creole population, and is home to the marimba—an instrument widely known throughout Central America and southern Mexico. The interior regions contain several important genres such as the bambuco, and Colombia also shares its cultural as well as geographical border with Venezuela in the música llanera tradition (music of the plains), including the joropo (which is Venezuela's national dance). But perhaps the most vital of Colombian genres has its roots in the Atlantic coast, where Africans and indigenous peoples forged a new race known as Zambos.

The Colombian cumbia originated as a courtship dance during the colonial period, celebrating Zambos along the Atlantic (or Caribbean) coast, and played this style

Alice said...

I think so too...I can't understand why he can't receive books though..

Alice said...

Theophile alexandre Steinlen

Painter of cats...

I'm reading this book about cat art at the Metropolitan Museum...

Alice said...

This is the one of his that's shown in the book...

Bob26003 said...

Hey A., do you know of any good links where you can listen to music from around the World.

Cultural music. Folk music.

Alice said...

Dada posted a great one the other day...lemme see if I can find it...

Alice said...

This is one of them

Bob26003 said...

BBL, I have to do the dishes :/

Have fun at work today A.


Alice said...

Sorry, Bob..I can't find it now...maybe he still has it...also there's a world music tv channel they have a website I'd guess..

Here are a couple I found doing a search...

Alice said...

See ya, out for the dishpan hands...

L8R! xox

Anonymous said...

Arroyo, Bush Guilty of Crimes vs Humanity

Int’l Tribunal Verdict Detrimental to Macapagal-Arroyo

The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT), an international opinion tribunal, declared both Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and US President George W. Bush, guilty of crimes against humanity.

The 13-page verdict was released March 25 around 2 pm at the Pax Christikerk in The Hague, the Netherlands, after three continuous days of hearing testimonies from at least 13 witnesses. A copy of the verdict was sent to Bulatlat by the international coordinating secretariat of the PPT’s Second Session on the Philippines.

Francois Houtart, president of the PPT’s Second Session on the Philippines, said, “The tribunal, having considered the evidence given before it is of the opinion that the reported killings, torture and forced disappearances fall under responsibility of the Philippine government and are by no way justified in terms of necessary measures against terrorism.”

Secretary General Gianni Tognoni of the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal answers a question from the gallery, after the delivery of the “guilty” verdict on the “U.S.-backed Arroyo government,” March 25, 2007.


Houtart said that all of the charges against Arroyo and Bush were substantiated. The respondents were charged with “gross and systematic violations of civil and political rights: extra-judicial killings, abduction and disappearances, massacre, torture; gross and systematic violation of economic, social and cultural rights; and gross and systematic violations of the rights to national self-determination and liberation.”

end the war now said...

Mike Malloy asked his listeners to get in touch with Speaker Pelosi on behalf of Tina Richards. "You may remember Ms. Richards as the mom who was accosted by Rep. David Obey in the halls of Congress earlier this year. All Ms. Richards wants is a simple meeting with Ms. Pelosi to discuss troop withdrawal."

There I Go Again said...

I tried leaving a recorded messaged for Speaker Pelosi but her primary voice mailboxes were full. She's with a group on facting-finding tour of the Middle East. While members of Congress are enjoying their two-week holiday, our troops are killing and being killed. Escalation is likely to continue until American Disapproval becomes too immense to ignore.

Not Soon Enough said...

You can e-mail Speaker Pelosi from her website:

Bloggerbater said...

On behalf of the Warmonger Business, I would like to thank everyone for remaining silent while our troops are in the revolving door between the United States and Iraq / Iran.

SunshineJim said...

CB's new address!

no packages, no books can be sent without going through a vendor.he's 40 miles from the idaho border.

Kirk Bowers
302-414 Unit TB64L
Airway Heights Correction Center
PO Box 2139 Airway Heights Washington USA 99001-2139

Alice said...

OMG this is so fun! Tech questions galore! I love doing this! :)

SunshineJim said...

Yahoo! Cowlady!

ride them resistors!

wrangle them processors!

Hogtie them ornery lil proggies!

life on the blog said...

"That is what counts in a person, how you treat other people."


Says who?

The most consistent, fairest to everyone always and amazingly thoughtful and helpful person on the blog no matter the subject thats who.

WHT said...

Sammy, I will catch you on Sunday's if the rumor is true.

At least it will be live and I can avoid having to get stale podcasts.

Anonymous said...

lol, I get my podcasts same day they air, why r yours stale, wht? Anyway, if the rumors are true about u going to Sundays, Sam, I'll definitely tune in. If the rumors are true that you're leaving for good...well, ta-ta AirAmerica.

Bob26003 said...

Send us a pic of you in yer cowboy outfit Alice ;)

Bob26003 said...

Hey Jim !

Alice said...

If one comes out presentably I will, Bob...Cuz you know what? I look fucking cool, IMHE... ;) I even got to us my grandpa's fobbed pocket watch tucked in my little vest pocket....

Anonymous said...

What's up with the newsletter why wasn't sam on it?

Alice said...

The weekly "Sam Seder fired" rumor

Just a couple week ago, there were reported rumors of Sam Seder's demise at Air America Radio. And now, there's more.

After the close of yesterday's show, LTR has been inundated with emails wondering if Seder is indeed getting the axe. It started with one I got from Nancy Cunningham of Dallas Air America, a grassroots group. She was listening to the show via the "SammyCam" (his live video webcast) and heard something that could one think that the end is indeed here.

So, in other words, Seder has been fired almost as many times as Al Franken has quit to run for the senate.

From poster "mo lib" on Seder's blog:

With the Sammy Cam still on I clearly heard Dan Pashman say they will make a promo on Monday saying this is the last week of the Sam Seder Show. This sucks!

Sam will do fine without AAR . He's smart and creative. It's a real loss for the rest of us.

I hope he can stay on the radio. Maybe with Nova M. This is really sad news.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Seder allegedly posted an anonymous comment about wrapping up the show next week (taking off Tuesday and Wednesday for Passover), and that he is negotiating with Air America brass for a Sunday show. He also said management prefers "less substance" for the late morning time slot. Nothing has been officially announced.

Following the "Sammy Cam" revelation , other blogs picked up on it, including Brilliant at Breakfast and Morning Seditionists. And I was flooded with emails and Myspace messages pointing to this. But, as I usually do, I held off on sharing it, since I'm a bit hesitant to throw rumors like that out there. Not to toot my own horn, but LTR is read by many people, inside and outside the radio industry. Staffers at Air America read this blog, as do radio station personnel and even some hosts themselves. With that comes a feeling of responsibility and accountabilty. I was initially hesitant to post the rumors from last week, but did so after some inquiries. And screaming "the sky is falling" whenever a shoe drops is a credibility killer. On vague rumors such as this, I feel the best approach is to sit back and see what unfolds.

So, let's take a step back and look at the whole picture. Sam and company left the cam on. Dan Pashman, one of the show's producers, was overheard on a 'hot' mic that they're cutting a promo announcing the end of Seder's show, and that he was moving over to produce Laura Flanders' show. Seder himself is allegedly planning to wrap up his show. What is going on here?

Now, I'm not saying Pashman is full of beans, but considering this is the last show prior to April 1 (APRIL FOOL!) I guess you could call me a bit skeptical. Pretty good prank, methinks. And, while I did not hear the whole exchange, it does sound way too convenient to throw this out at the end of the show.

Besides, who does Air America have in line as a replacement?

Is it legit? Is it all a put-on? Or a misunderstanding? Who knows? All I know is this is a rumor. Until something more concrete and semi-official comes along, I'm not ready to scream, "the sky is falling." And I don't want to give complete credibilty to unconfirmed rumors. At least not yet. Check back next week.

Oh, and happy 3rd birthday to Air America Radio. Yeah, they're still around.

(check out the graphic they used...)

terry said...

Support without profit

Clearly the motivations of this administration are financial reward above all else.
War profiteering is the real issue that needs to be discussed here not the funding of our troops.

The democrats want to stop the war but don’t know how to stop it with out being blamed for “losing” the war and not supporting the troops.
Pathetic as it is, this argument does intimidate many members of congress and this is a simple, neat way to end the war once and for all.

To stop the war, basically fund the troops completely but prohibit profits.
The Bushies would jump at the chance to prove they support the troops above ill-gotten financial gain, right?

Probably not but it sure would take the wind out of this asinine argument and point out the hypocrisy of the war profiteers

Alice said...

Kucinich's HR1234 addresses war profits...

Jenise said...

hey, alice. you still there?

Alice said...

Hi's a lull..couple hours left...

Hey it's almost your birthday!! :)

Alice said...

From Missy's blog:

Jenise said...

yep! a few days and i'm an old lady ;p this isn't a bad way to celebrate 40, i have to say.

i was just skimming above, but did i read correctly that you're dressed as a cowgirl and teaching computer today? made me think of my junior high school days in texas...

Jenise said...

my friend and his boyfriend just cooked dinner. i'm the dish-washing crew as far as i can tell.

i'll be back in a bit.

Alice said...

Yup, podner ;) you read correctly...My hat's too tight, I can't feel my toes in my boots, & these clip on earrings are breaking my head...:)

Crank Bait said...


What do you call a cowgirl who makes her living by trading men?

A maneur.

Crank Bait said...

...or an entremaneur.

(It's a joke still in Beta.)

SunshineJim said...

the manure de jeur

SunshineJim said...

eya j!

Happy B'day!

we are showering you

with accolades and appreciation!

(cuz yer a pretty cool babe. WTG toots!)

Radiohead said...

Fake Plastic Trees

Alice said...


Crank, I want to echo Noodle's appreciation of you... :)

Leonard Cohen said...

Closing Time

Bob26003 said...

Nasa UFO Video

Cornershop said...

Brimful of Asha

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow/mine's on the 45.

Bob26003 said...


Nellis AFB UFO

San Pualo Brazil

keep it simple stupid said...

Crist, now it is in a little window. Each step in worse than th one before. What bonehead did this?

SunshineJim said...

just maximise the window.


SunshineJim said...

this is the best version so far.

return on refresh to the bottom,

comment box on the bottom...

nice to see a few

preferences tweaked...

dada said...

Hey bob, I think this is the music link alice was talking about before. Lots of stuff.

dada said...

Listen to this.

Debashish Bhattarchaya. Indian slide guitar. Too bad it's only 3 miniutes 30 seconds worth.

Whyvern Katzenjammer said...

Old School Student Protest Returns

Angry at the Iraq debacle, emboldened by the Bush-Cheney tailspin, a new student radicalism is emerging whose concerns include immigrants' rights, global warming and the uncertainties facing debt-ridden graduates.

Jenise said...

hello, i'm back.

i agree that refresh to the bottom is really nice. much less work this way.

thank you much, sunshine. my 40 years have been pretty good to me.

alice, be careful with the clip-ons they can be deadly headache-wise. (you poor thing)

so how is everyone?

SunshineJim said...

doin fine j.

back on my feet and i can eat!

toniD said...

Evening all!

Happy Birthday Jenise :)

I think my 40's were my best years so you have alot to look forward to.

Jenise said...

very glad to hear that you're getting better for the spring. it's nice weather here. hope it's warming up over there. it's been interesting trying to figure out the dutch perspective on living together. i've been looking at a lot of cool 'social housing' over here. pretty cool ideas about building urban communities (and housed in really cool architecture, which is always nice).

about what i would take away from here ... in the end i think sam was right about banning as little as possible. i was unsure in the beginning, but ultimately, i think that's what we need to do.

Alice said...

If Mark Twain (who was in to technology) were alive today he would probably say to the politicians, "I saw you on HDTV today and you don't appear to be sharper or brighter..."

(In the opening speech this morning...)


Anonymous said...

I have missed you for months now Sam.

I will miss you even more now that your leaving the weekly air waves.

Thank you for all you have done.

Kind regards,

Alice said...

Oh sweet Mary & Joseph MaT! I was just on your blog & was going to tell you again how much I miss you here....but changed my mind...I'm sure you're just poppin in..but SO GREaT to see your name here...


WaitingForCicero said...

Holy Crap!

: ]

Good to see that nick again!

Jenise said...

think my 40's were my best years so you have alot to look forward to.

March 31, 2007 7:52 PM

thanks, tonid. i'm kind of looking forward to it. ; ) tell your grandson i said hey...

WaitingForCicero said...

Happy early birthday to you, j-sama!

Another Aries, baby!

w00t for the ram!

Jenise said...

March 31, 2007 7:57 PM


Jenise said...

Another Aries, baby!

w00t for the ram!

March 31, 2007 8:06 PM

you, too? gotta love the horns. i'm also a sheep on the chinese calendar.

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