Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Internet is broke

or at least in the world.. we're working on it


Ian said...

Have you tried hitting it with a hammer?

I had been wondering why the Seder on Sunday Podcast hadn't been updated on iTunes.

Is there any chance you could please post the podcasts here on Blogspot somehow?

Also, for some reason, iTunes always plays the Seder on Sunday Podcast segments out of sequence. Is there any way you could please change the naming convention of the files so that if you sort alphabetically, they will play in the correct sequence?

Also, I would LOVE to see an audio file of all the times you spoke to Dewey on the phone. The one where you asked him whether he had "feminization issues" was the funniest moment I have ever heard on the radio. (It has now been surpassed by Stephane Miller's bit explaining the time checks in response to a listener question).

Sorry, I figured I might as well get everything I'd been thinking about out all at once.

Keep up the good work, Sam! I miss having you on the radio every day.


bibimimi troll'p said...

I gotta tell ya, i ain't impressed with the electronic age thus far

Medfly said...

Sam,did you say 11am east coast time.

shelly said...

Dec 22, 2007
I am unable to get to SamSeder today!!!and I don't know why, just wanted to do some reading as I have been off visiting relatives most of the last week. Did catch the Thursday show, which was great and also the VoD of the last Tues 12/11 finally. I could only get the first 28 minutes, but the daughter's computer was able to get it better. Wish you all, my fellow Marc and Sam fans the best for the upcoming holidays- Shelly

midtown68 said...

Am I the only one here?
the blog is down.


midtown68 said...

Hi Shelly!
I have an mp3 of Maron v. Seder from 12/20. I'll post it here if you want to download it. It's 20mb's in size.

midtown68 said...

Maron v. Seder 12-20-07.mp3

Anonymous said...

Hey, wha' hoppened?

the love dealer, Sir Real said...

Not sure what happened.

About 30 minutes ago, it was showing Friday's posts in Sederville, but Saturday's had vanished. Ghost in the machine?

WaitingForCicero said...

Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley (Leonard Cohen cover)

wvmc3d said...

I can get the old edition sometime or nothing.


Annette said...

Hello? I found this on the web...Brett is zatchu?

pbtrue1 said...

Hey Annette, hey Brett,

At least we have backup

Annette said...

Hey pbtrue - addict that I am, I keep checking to see if it's up, and I'm redirected to But it did get me to read other pages that refer to it. Interesting I never found where she discussed sam seder, but it was an interesting site... I think this is grey but I'm not positive. I like the way he/she talks, and *score* he/she's from the same area my family all's from, so piqued my interest.

There's many more pages of people who point to Sam's page, so I'm just getting started with my reading....


Mirella said...

hello fellow refugees wandering in the blogo-wilderness, we temporarily lost our townsquare but that was good foresight from sam to keep this alternative site alive as a lifeboat, don't you think

who knows if they have internet in the snows of michigan where i assume sam is now

today is sedersunday and hopefully we can have the real blog up for the show - which without the cam will also be orphaned somewhat

hope you are all having a good day so far


pbtrue1 said...

Sam,we (Dan and I) pinged your website and got:

pbtrue1 said...

Could someone else ping Sam's site?

I'm not IT material, but it looks like the problem is in Boston.
12/23/2007 07:16:00 AM
dan said...

as of 8:45 am its still not reachable from time warner in cincinnati. ping is coming back at 68ms to a tracert shows its on the verizon network in the boston area.

a telnet to port 80 gets connection refused.

this would suggest the web server software is down but the hardware is still up and running.

fwiw, last night i started getting database errors when accessing the site:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 23040 bytes) in /var/www/html/drupal-5.3/modules/profile/profile.module on line 638
12/23/2007 07:51:00 AM

mmrules said...

Sammy where art thou !!

Hey Gang !

Somebody wake up The Seder !
I'm jonesin.. ;)

mmrules said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Everybody !!


Fernando said...

Merry Christmas folks.

mmrules said...

Hey Fernando !

What's up besides Blogger withdrawl ? ;)

Fernando said...

I just don't understand why Sam's blog has such issues consistently.

mmrules said...

I agree Fernando....This Sucks..

I've email
Now I'm thinking of emailing Maron..Hee!Since he has Sammy's phone No..

Anonymous said...

New thread, but here. Seder knows.

Happy holidays to all.