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Sammy Cam Backup


pbtrue1 said...

Way to go Sam!

Catharine said...


Catharine said...

I remembered my password. Amazing

Attica said...

The cam is up too

bernice14 said...

Cannot wait to listen to you on TH's show tomorrow and TYT Tuesday--I don't know what your reaction to this would be, but I think that UNTIL THEY GIVE YOU YOUR WEEKDAY SHOW BACK!!!-- you should fill in for absent hosts as much as possible instead of the usually-insufferable "best of" shows. Miss you!

Mikael Wälivaara said...

Three years listening, first time viewing. Cheers from Sweden!

Mikael W,
UUAA Radio

Anonymous said...

The Our Savior character on "Lucy" looks like Bill.
Congratulations Loren on a clever and well crafted project!

Catharine said...

Mikael Wälivaara said...

Three years listening, first time viewing. Cheers from Sweden!

Cheers to you too!

Catharine said...

Sept. 16, 2007 -- Another strange Air Force death

Master Sgt. Melvin Peele, assigned to the 612th Air Communications Squadron of the 12th Air Force at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, outside Tucson, Arizona, was struck and killed by a forklift September 12, while he was walking with his wife to his car. Peele and his wife, Master Sgt. Lisa Peele, were struck by the forklift while walking across a parking lot at the James H. Doolittle Combined Air Operations Center on base. Arizona media outlets reported two ages for Master Sgt. Melvin Peele, 38 and 50.

Peele's wife was released from the hospital in the evening of September 12. Peele was a native of Baltimore. Air Force officials have not released details of the incident but say that an investigation is taking place.

Peele's wife was assigned to the 355th Mission Support Squadron, which supports the A-10 fighter squadron at the base. On September 13 and 14, the squadron was grounded as part of the Air Force-wide stand-down after the August 30 B-52 nuclear weapons incident between Minot and Barksdale air force bases.

Peele's unusual death follows those of Air Force Captain John Frueh, a member of the Air Force Special Operations Command's "Operations Weather," disappeared from Portland, Oregon sometime after August 30. Frueh's body was found near his rental car some distance from Portland in Washington state on September 8. Airman First Class Todd Blue, assigned to the 5th Security Forces at Minot Air Force Base, died while on leave in Virginia on September 10.

WMR has learned from a knowledgeable U.S. government source that the disappearance of famed aviator Steve Fossett, whose plane disappeared over Nevada on September 3, is linked to the case involving the 2nd Bomb Wing B-52 that "mistakenly" flew six nuclear weapons on advanced cruise missiles from Minot Air Force Base to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. According to the source, critical Air Force elements assigned to investigating the B-52 incident were diverted to Nevada to take part in the as yet unsuccessful search for Fossett's aircraft.

Gina said...

Hello everyone! I've missed this place for the past few weeks...well...not THIS place...but you know what i mean!


Harold said...

Hi all. I was on the weong thread.

Kirschner! Of course it German!

Lauren comes from a long line of Cherry Orchard Farmers...

skeeve said...

can someone please tell me how to chat with sam during the show? yahoo, aol? what is his screen name? thanks.

Mikael Wälivaara said...

Hi Catharine,
for an old radio DJ this is a very strange but exciting experience...

Mikael W

bibimimi troll'p said...

Mikael W,

hei beeg guy!

Anonymous said...

You don’t have to burn television sets to destroy a culture. Just let a bunch of fat cats seize our public airwaves.

Atilla said...

Yearwood's not narrow.

Its AVAW CIA for Scanity IMPEACHMENT VA Walter reed ...


Sunshine said...


Mysterious deaths are on the rise. Remember the nuclear- tipped cruise missiles which were illegally flown across the US from Minot AFB on August 30th 2007? Turns out 4-6 young airmen from the base have died, separately, under mysterious circumstances while on leave, all since July 1st, 2007. One, pilot, Todd Blue, has died since August 30th. These are healthy young men in their 20's.
Then there's the case of Congressman Paul Gillmor:
Updated: 12:34 a.m. ET Sept. 8, 2007
COLUMBUS, Ohio - U.S. Rep. Paul Gillmor, who was found dead in his apartment in suburban Washington earlier this week, died of blunt head and neck trauma consistent with a fall down stairs, according to a medical examiner’s report released Friday.
This death was first reported as (mysterious) "natural causes", seemingly plausible for someone 68 years old.
Then, a couple days later, the blunt-force head and neck trauma involved came out. This was immediately claimed as above, "consistent with a fall down stairs", though one should expect to see trauma to more than the head and neck in such a fall. Rep. Gilmor was investigating the recent "put actions" placed upon the market, gambling that there would be a 50% drop in the market between Sep.14 and Sep. 21, like the put actions placed preceding 9/11/01.
What about the fact that 3/7 of the brave young sergeants in Iraq who dared publish the truth about what is going on there in an NYT op-ed on Aug. 18th, 2007 have since experienced deadly assaults? Two died in a motor vehicle accident, one was shot in the head but survived.

If you know anyone in the military, point out these "accidents". Ask them whether they are serving the American people or a tyrant who has stolen our government. Ask them what happens to those who criticize Bush or Cheney. Ask them how they feel about Blackwater and the other mercenaries.
Ask them what they would do if they were ordered to fire on American civilians. Don't use email, and if you can talk on the phone, be discreet.
Do this quickly. Something is supposed to happen by next Friday, or the people Rep. Gillmor was investigating will lose billions of dollars.
One possible scenario- the internet is buzzing with rumors of a missing nuke. Supposedly 6 took off from Minot and only 5 arrived at Barksdale. This could be used to create a false flag event, and lead to martial law THIS WEEK.
Spread the word throughout the services, especially the Air Force, which is most heavily indoctrinated by the Bush people. Spread the word that these servicemen are serving ruthless killers who won't hesitate to kill their own people if they fear exposure. Spread the word that Bush and Cheney are satanic, not godly, and should be disobeyed. Spread the word that We the People need protection from our own government.
And be careful. Bush and Cheney are growing more ruthless as they grow more desperate.
The truth will set us free.
In the name of the God of truth, Carol Wolman

nightbird said...

happy day after Steuben Day Lauren!

Atilla said...

Rev. Yearwood beats Air Force claims of being threat to national security

by Rev Lennox Yearwood, Jr. | Wed, 09/05/2007

An Open Letter to America: All Power to the People

At first, when I informed the Air Force that I would fight their harassment, they threatened me with deployment to Iraq, or even prison time. Then with the tremendous circulation and widespread publishing of my first Open Letter, the Air Force realized if they were going to challenge me, they would have to challenge thousands of Americans from across the nation outside of Robbins Air Force Base in Georgia, on my hearing date.

Even now, after all the pain we have been through as a nation these last years, the reaction of the Air Force shows that when we are organized in the face of a government that does not represent us, we the people have the power.

Mine is the third case in which the military has backed down when the people have challenged their attempts to silence dissent. When former Sgt. Adam Kokesh spoke out after risking his life in Fallujah, Iraq, the U.S. Marines threatened him with a “less than honorable” discharge but backed down after many came out in support of Adam. When Marine Sgt. Liam Madden spoke out about this “war of aggression” in which war crimes were being committed, the Marines threatened him but again backed down when they saw organized opposition. The military now knows they will feel the wrath of the people if they threaten veterans who speak out against the occupation of Iraq.

The anti-war movement truly supported me in my case against the Air Force, which as a young African-American minister was so empowering to me personally that I pledge to increase my opposition to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. I pledge to continue my work in solidarity with the Iraqi people who are resisting U.S. occupation. I will not let the media spin that portrays all Iraqi resistors as insurgents linked to Al Qaeda and other terrorists groups, silence my moral support for the good people in Iraq who are fighting to free their land.

Anonymous said...

I'm Innocent!

nightbird said...

psst -I have Westernkirshner well as Kesslers and Kellers in my family (through father)

Harold said...

another Friedman unit...


Anonymous said...

This is Love!
Polly Jean

Atilla said...

Police suppress Sept. 15 anti-war press conference across from White House

The ANSWER Coalition has been fined over $30,000 in the last three weeks in an unprecedented action aimed at suppressing the September 15 mobilization.

Catharine said...


Mikael Wälivaara said...

Hi Catharine,
for an old radio DJ this is a very strange but exciting experience...

Mikael W

I can imagine! It's a much better experience on the regular blog. I hope you come back when it's back up. It's good to have broader based input, beyond just Americans.

Sunshine said...


the IM is:


nightbird said...

nice post, atilla

Anonymous said...

Here is a cool link someone posted a few weeks back. Sammy and Lauren supersized.


Catharine said...

Sept. 14-16, 2007 -- UPDATED -- The suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a US Air Force Special Operations Command officer

We live in dangerous times. With fascism comes to inevitability of extra-judicial murders being carried out by the government. The "disappeared" of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia in Henry Kissinger's "Operation Condor" are a bloody testament to extra-judicial killings. And the names Tillman, Westhusing, Kokal, Weiss, and others are now joined by Sergeants Omar Mora and Yance Gray, two authors of an August 18, 2007, New York Times op-ed opposing the Iraq war who were recently killed in a vehicle "accident" in Iraq. Staff Sergeant Jeremy Murphy, another author of the anti-war article, was shot in the head in Iraq while the article was being written. Murphy is recovering from his wounds in a U.S. military hospital.

When the body of Air Force Captain John Frueh was found near his rental car near Badger Peak in northeast Skamania County, Washington on September 8, questions began to be asked. Frueh was assigned to “Operations Weather” for the Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt Field in Florida. Hurlburt is the headquarters for the Air Force's special forces activities. Frueh was a veteran of special forces combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He had flown to Portland, Oregon to attend his best friend's September 2 wedding. Frueh was to have returned to Florida on September 4.

No cause of death was given by the authorities. Frueh had flown to Portland on August 25 to attend his friend's wedding. According to The Oregonian, Frueh had last spoken to his family in Florida on August 30 after renting a car at Portland International Airport. Frueh was 33, married, and a father of two young children.

Captain Frueh: Air Force Special Ops officer and another suspicious death.

Why would Frueh driven a long distance from Portland to Washington? Frueh was last seen on August 29 going for a walk in Nob Hill, in northwest Portland. He was carrying in his backpack a camcorder, Global Positioning System (GPS), camera, and cell phone. According to the Portland Police, the last call from Frueh's cell phone was at 12:29 pm on August 29 from the intersection of I-205 and S.E. Mill Plain Road in Vancouver, Washington, ironically, close to a Search and Rescue facility.

There is also the question as to how Frueh traveled to a stop off of the interstate highway in Vancouver, Washington on August 29 if he did not rent his car at Portland International until the next day, August 30, the same day his family in Florida last heard from him by phone. Considering Frueh's last cell phone call was on August 29 from Vancouver, why did he presumably use a pay phone to call his family in Florida?

Frueh's last reported phone call at Portland airport came on the same day, August 30, that five or six nuclear weapons aboard a B-52 supposedly went "missing" during a flight from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. Frueh's position in the headquarters of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command "weather operations" would have given him access to a highly classified information.

Suicide in this case appears highly unlikely. Frueh had recently been selected for Major. He was attending his best friend's wedding and he had a wife and two children.

Police in Washington state immediately ruled out foul play in Frueh's death. A report was floated that he suffered from a "medical condition."

There is something definitely amiss in the U.S. armed forces. George Bush's lickspittle general, David Petreaus, reportedly harbors presidential ambitions. Admiral William Fallon, Petraeus' boss as the Commander of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) is quoted as saying Petraeus is "an ass-kissing little chickenshit," adding "I hate people like that."

It is noteworthy that Fallon was not asked to testify before Congress about Iraq. Every faltering dictatorship experiences internecine feuds within the military. It was true with Czarist Russia, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and the Colonels' Greece. It is also true with the United States.

UPDATE 9/14/07 -- Captain Frueh was not the only suspicious Air Force death in recent weeks. KXMC-TV in Minot, North Dakota has reported that 20 year old Airman First Class Todd Blue died on September 10 while visiting his family in Wytheville, Virginia. Blue was assigned to the 5th Security Forces at Minot Air Force Base last August. Authorities have not released details on Blue's death. Lt. Col. Paul Wheeless, the commander of the 5th Security Forces Munitions Squadron was fired over the recent "loss" of five or six nuclear-armed cruise missiles loaded at Minot aboard a B-52 destined for Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates ordered a clamp down on any information about the B-52 incident being disseminated to the press. However, what we now know about the nuclear weapons "incident" and two suspicious Air Force deaths within the continental United States, coupled with the feud between General Petraeus and Admiral Fallon, all point to something seriously wrong within the ranks of the military.

Atilla said...

The STALL is for OIL KBR PROFIT!!!!!!

Melina said...

Jeeze...big trouble with the stream out of AAR's page but the cam seems stable.
Just got home...we're getting a frost tonight!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the old blog? I feel like a wasp in a jar here.

Sunshine said...

eya Melina!

Cat Chew said...

Thank you, Wikipedia:

Listeners can chat with Sam with any chat program that uses the AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) protocol.

Sam's AIM name is "samsedershow."

Here is a list of programs that use the AIM protocol

iChat (Mac OS X)
Adium (Mac OS X)
Proteus (Mac OS X)
Pidgin (cross-platform)
Trillian (Windows)

Atilla said...

Real Time Bill Maher has called David Ray Griffin a candidate for PAXIL / PROSAK and toll the 911Truthers to leave him alone.

Will that back fire from over 2M members or what?

bernice14 said...

Has anyone seen the Dana Priest/ Anne Hull follow-up article in the Wash. Post today concerning Staff Sgt. Shannon? He's one of the Walter Reed former-now-current-again patients who testified to Congress about the pitiful state of affairs at W.R. He's had to return to WR because of continuing bureaucratic snafu's there--despite being one of the most outspoken about whom you'd think they'd be most careful. His life, like thousands and thousands like him, continues to be disrupted over and over again, re-igniting his PTSD and endangering his family life. What an administration!

Harold said...

Leave it to Bill Maher to make us think, eh Atilla?

Anonymous said...

Real Time Bill Maher has called David Ray Griffin a candidate for PAXIL / PROSAK and toll the 911Truthers to leave him alone.

Excellent! About time someone called those crackpots out.

Stop the War!

Catharine said...

Hey Jim!

Here's what I posted previously from Wayne Madsen regarding Gillmor death:

Sept. 8, 2007 -- Gillmor death ruled "accident"

Sometimes, Hollywood is more attuned to Washington than the corporate media in this town. On Sept. 5, Ohio Republican Representative Paul Gillmor was found dead at the foot of the stairs in his Arlington, Virginia townhouse. Police, at first, and without an autopsy, said Gillmor likely died from a heart attack.

In the film Enemy of the State, Jason Robards played fictional Representative Phillip Hammersley, who is opposed to a Patriot Act-like bill to require massive telecommunications surveillance throughout the United States. Hammersley is confronted by government agents next to the Chesapeake Bay. Hammersley is given a deadly injection and prescription pills are scattered on the floor of his car. Hammersley and his car are then pushed into the bay. The news reports then claim that Hammersley tragically committed suicide. For Washington DC, that is art imitating life.

Now, the Virginia Department of Health, on behalf of the Virginia Medical Examiner's office (not Arlington County, which has its own medical examiner), is claiming that Gillmore died from "blunt force head and neck trauma" consistent with a fall down the steps. Police have ruled out foul play. However, final Virginia Medical Examiner laboratory tests have not been completed.

The Washington media has, in the past, paid scant attention to politically-connected suspicious deaths. Reporters and editors are content with believing the police and other local government officials when it comes to the causes of death.

As with past suspicious deaths in the DC Metro region, there is every reason not to oblige the authorities by blindly accepting their version of Gillmor's death.

Last summer, close Dick Cheney adviser and past chief of the US Export-Import Bank Phil Merrill was found in the Chesapeake Bay after what was called a "sailing accident." However, Merrill's body was found with a gunshot wound and anchor chain tied around his legs. The police conclusion: suicide.

Bush brother Marvin Bush's domestic assistant Bertha Champagne was found crushed to death by her own driver-less vehicle in the driveway in front of Marvin Bush's home in Fairfax County, just outside Alexandria. Bush was the only other person, in addition to the decedent, listed on the police report. The report also mentioned that Champagne was in possession of a videotape of her and President Bush. Police conclusion: a terrible accident.

In November 2003, within a few weeks of each others "suicides" and within a few blocks of each "suicide" site, State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research and top Iraqi analyst John J. Kokal and former CIA official and Jimmy Carter administration intelligence staffer Dr. Gus Weiss, both of whom were opposed to the invasion of Iraq, supposedly jumped to their deaths from a secured roof at the Department of State and a balcony at the Watergate complex, respectively. Police conclusions: both were suicides.

In 2000, this editor wrote, "John Millis, the late Executive Director of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) who allegedly committed suicide on June 4, 2000, died a day after he forced the CIA to release a controversial report dealing with cocaine trafficking. Police in [city of] Fairfax, Virginia still refuse to reveal the contents of a suicide note allegedly written by Millis . . . there are clearly many unanswered questions involving Goss and the HPSCI. For example, Goss press secretary Jennifer Millerwise abruptly resigned her position a few weeks after Millis death and was not available for interviews. Fairfax police refused to release the contents of Millis suicide note and the Fairfax County coroner autopsy report. The Director of Emergency Services for Fairfax County said he was never informed that Millis' body had been transported into his jurisdiction, a violation of his agency procedures. Interestingly, Millerwise would later surface as Vice President Cheney press spokesperson."

Official conclusion: Millis' death was a suicide.

Then there was the determination that President Clinton's deputy counsel Vince Foster committed suicide in 1993 at Fort Marcy Park off of the George Washington Parkway near CIA headquarters. Although carpet fibers were found on Foster's clothing, indicating his body had been moved there, Park Police concluded that Foster shot himself in Fort Marcy Park.

Top CIA officials John Paisley and William Colby died of "accidents" in the Chesapeake Bay. Like Merrill, Paisley, who was due to provide expert testimony on President Kennedy's assassination to the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978, was found with anchor chains around his body. In 1996, Colby got up from his dinner table and decided to go for a canoe ride when he had his "accident." Colby was due to provide assistance to Nebraska Republican State Senator John DeCamp, a Vietnam war colleague, on DeCamp's investigation of a major child prostitution ring with links into the George H. W. Bush White House.

In Washington, "accidents" and "suicides" are convenient excuses, but not necessarily truthful conclusions. After all, as the nexus for Watergate, Iran-Contra, CIA Leakgate, and other criminal conspiracies, the Washington smoking gun is sometimes just that -- the smoking gun.

Tropical Penguin said...

Peace All!

Cat Chew said...

Hey, Sunshine, no fair being faster than me ;)

pbtrue1 said...

Hold them accountable

Atilla said...

Did RAWSTORY pick this up?

Quest for Fair Trial in Concord, NH

Ed and Elaine Brown UStream LIVE TV

According to Ed the WTPRN videographer - Terry - was threatened with sodomy during his interrogation with the Feds earlier this week. There have been strangers walking in the woods nearby and they've intercepted walkie-talkier communications of what could have been the same people. Ed has not heard from any one of the four individuals who were arrested. A plane and a helicopter were flying overhead yesterday or the day before.

Danny Reilly was arrested by a SWAT team when he happened onto a few members of the team who had secreted themselves in the woods around the Brown's residence, while walking the Brown's dog.

He was shot at, tasered and arrested, then threatened with prison time if he chose to help the Browns ever again. However, Danny Reilly was not intimidated and went back as soon as possible to help the Browns in their time of need.

Four men were arrested outside of New Hampshire, including Cirino Gonzalez, the longtime Brown blogger and Daniel Riley, the Albany electrician who was Tasered by marshals after stumbling upon a surveillance team while walking the Browns' dog.

Four men accused of helping obstruct justice in the case of convicted tax evaders Ed and Elaine Brown have been arrested in their resptive states, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier said Wednesday.

Monier said the men are Cirino "Reno" Gonzales, 30, of Alice, Texas; Daniel Riley, 40, of Albany, N.Y.; Jason Gerhard, 22, of Brookhaven, N.Y.; and Robert Wolffe, 50, of Randolph, Vt.

Charges range from accessory after the fact to possession and use of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence.


Field Reporter/Videographer Danny Riley Arrested


Mikael Wälivaara said...

Hi bibimini!

I blog about American politics, so I'm not THAT exotic, but at least I bring a Scandinavian perspective to it.
Sweden really wants to follow the U.S. with our own Patriot Act. 1/4 of the Swedes yesterday said that they can accept restrictions in the freedom of speech... More than 50% can accept more surveilance... These are strange times.

nightbird said...

this is the "unitarian presidency" and whoever is president wants that as it stands. Danger for democracy.

Cat Chew said...

Link to the full page version of this comment thread

Sunshine said...


"In November 2003, within a few weeks of each others "suicides" and within a few blocks of each "suicide" site, State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research and top Iraqi analyst John J. Kokal and former CIA official and Jimmy Carter administration intelligence staffer Dr. Gus Weiss, both of whom were opposed to the invasion of Iraq, supposedly jumped to their deaths from a secured roof at the Department of State and a balcony at the Watergate complex, respectively. Police conclusions: both were suicides."

Catharine said...

I blog about American politics, so I'm not THAT exotic, but at least I bring a Scandinavian perspective to it.
Sweden really wants to follow the U.S. with our own Patriot Act. 1/4 of the Swedes yesterday said that they can accept restrictions in the freedom of speech... More than 50% can accept more surveilance... These are strange times.


Oh NO! You'd think that people would be able to learn from our mistake! It doesn't seem the French learned anything since they elected Sarkozy (although there were probably a lot of Neocon tricks that he used to get elected).

The average Swede, I have found, is more knowledgeable about American politics than the average American, sadly.

Catharine said...

Blog's back up! Yahoo!!!

Sunshine said...

bloggie is back up!

Anonymous said...

Bring the War Home: SCUD Bush!

Tropical Penguin said...

Eya Sunshine, Peace Nightbird

I remember in Kuwait after the first Gulf War there was an instance where a Kuwaiti man was harassing our Philippina maids and when the US Special Forces found out about it the man suddenly had problems negotiating stairways... multiple times. My understanding is that he survived the incident but never pestered Philippinas again.

Sunshine said...

eya Tropical Penguin!

join us at the regular blog:

Sunshine said...


blog down!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dozens of Palestinians sift through rubbish tips to survive

For some West Bank Palestinians rubbish has become not only a livelihood but the only method of survival they know. Many dozens of Palestinians across the territory, including children, work at landfill sites, trying to earn a meager living.

"This is very hard work here. My hands are all cut up, it smells. But what can I do? There's no work in Ramallah," said Muhammad, from al-Bireh, a nearby town.

Aged 43, he has worked for the last 30 years -- apart from a stint in jail -- in the Psagot landfill site, sifting through the rubbish in search of scrap metal.

Muhammed, like the other 40 or so workers, including 20 children, is not officially employed by anyone, but he sells what he can to dealers he knows.

Another man, Akram, aged 32, drives the tractor which takes the scrap away to the dealers. He, like the others, works at the site from early morning until dusk.

"I was a regular truck driver. But then I lost my job. This was the only work I could find, working with the rubbish," he told IRIN as he revved his engine to cart away an industrial fan and leftover beams from a building project.

Child labor, illiteracy

Two children, happy with their luck, found the fan, which came on a newly arrived dump truck, and dragged it over to Akram.

"None of the children here can write. They can't read. They never spent any time at school," said Muhammad.

Shadi, who first claimed he was 16 and then said he was 12, became enraged at Muhammad's accusation.

"I can write," he screamed, and began to sketch his name, in Arabic, in the sand. However, it soon became clear this was the only word he knew and he could not recognize individual characters. The other children did not even try.

When asked why he did not attend school, Shadi said: "My father is sick. I have a big family and someone needs to support them. I left school after one year to work here."