Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SamSederShow salvage

Hi Something is up with the samsedershow blog- we're looking into it - for now you can blog here!


toniD said...

Thanks Cat Chew :)
Sam Broke the blog or maybe that Pittman guy got someone to break it.

Morning all

Cat Chew said...

Hiya Toni! Blog's back up. That's a faster response than I'm accustomed to seeing. I thought we'd be wandering in the hinterland for hours.

maggiesboy said...

This does not look too good 5/20/09. Has he been really hacked or did they pull the plug. I've never been redirected before when the site went down.

dan said...

is everybody getting directed to the quacken gallery home at

Cat Chew said...

I wasn't redirected this time, but I have been in the past when the blog was being repaired. User #1 at Seder's place is LMH. I also see an LMH at Quacken Gallery Home. Not a coincidence, methinks.

Crank Bait said...

It's my fault.

I defended dan.

I should have let him swing in the wind.

Crank Bait said...


You have never been redirected before now?

And you work for the USPS?

mmrules said...

The SamSederShow.con is down..Ouy !

Help AAR Has Falling Again and,Can't Get Up,Again !

AAR Suits Cancel BRL.
Just 2 Words For AAR Suits Again..

Douche Bags ! !

AAR Is Soooo Dead To Me..

Good Luck Marc & Sam !

I'll Watch Whatever You Guys Do ! :)

Take care guys..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tea Cheers ... 4 new ex-homeless kittens are sweet ;}

Anonymous said...

oops :) *poof*