Friday, August 22, 2008

seder v maron

try here


Anonymous said...

Waiting for the big news.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I tried you at

That's the one working w/a box for each and Mark and Sam talking over each other.

Barb Libertyville, Il

Anonymous said...

Can't get on sammycam!!! What's happening? Anyone?

Cassandra Complex said...

this is dreadful and depressing... i can hear marc only but in a frustrating loop. love you marc, but you're driving me nuts.... i've tried three different links and they are all unlistenable with no vid...


Anonymous said...

Sam, you should get rid of Maron. He's funny, but it's all about him and he never lets you finish a sentence. I love your commentary and I haven't waited all this time to see Mr. Maron's effing neighborhood.

crissystewart said...

Yay! So happy to see you both back LIVE on the internets. I'm really excited about your new venture. I'll definitely be watching. Be nice to each other boys.

gatorron said...

can't get it to work either :(

mmrules said...

What a tech mess..Too bad..

Anonymous said...

I cut and pasted
but it didn't work for me. Are you sure you copied it correctly?

janet said...

Looking forward to your new work, but today's technology was really rough. It was pure luck to get both Sam and Marc speaking without repeating, and that feed had no movement in the pictures. So good luck, take care.

Anonymous said...

Nothing here,this is getting pathetic.If sam hasn't fixed these issues by now he should pack it in.

emmm said...

I know there had to be some important info in there somewhere? But after the report of the pantry moth issue, it all went terribly wrong. Looking forward to hearing or reading what you were both going on about!

Anonymous said...

Sam please just post a huge, obvious blog message stating what the big news is.

Also... not so much Maron. Maybe none at all. He holds you back.

Anonymous said...

Again, please just tell us where to catch you next time. Much good luck to you and to us all.

Barb Libertyville

surfbenet said...

blog down?

surfbenet said...

saw Newt was on air stirring up Gibsons "Miss Treatment" of palin

ScottS said...

sammy where is the blog?
dissapeared by the N$A?

hope you get it back up soon!


Sunshine said...

i blame it on the cern blackholes.

toniD said...

Morning all!

I emailed Sam but I think I'm not the only one.

They must be working on the server.

Sunshine said...

eya T

went to Ya Think first. )

toniD said...

I can put up a thread there if you want, Jim

toniD said...

I don't have Incubus or garatjax email or I would have emailed them as well.

the captcha on this one drives me crazy, but I know it's for spammers.

Sunshine said...


sorta slows down the post rate eh?

was up at 3 AM and got bored reading my book and turned on the compooter.

ready to go back to sleep again.

no need for a new thread on your site unless you want to redirect a few wandererers.

this seems to be the easiest alternate to remember.

toniD said...

That's what I thought. Not enough people. If Sam's blog stays down for awhile, I can put one up then with the link.

Going to get some coffee!

Sunshine said...

Palin seems to be a typical PNW small town power grabber.

naive, fairly unaware of the rest of the world, uses god as a ticket to ride.

not good at taking care of biz from the family up to cramming for her interviews.

what were they thinking?

toniD said...

Jim, I'm with you, but add opportunist to the list.

Did you read my rants yesterday on her? She scare's the hell out of me.

I don't understand how anyone can even promote her. It's like a nightmare.

mmrules said...

Howdy,Howdy ! G'Morning..

Thanks Toni..:)
What's up with our Blog ?

O'well,shite happens..
Anyone email Sam,Incubus ?

Sunshine said...

ya T, i did.

i figger it's several generations of gullible TVidiots.

that and wanting a "price is right" goverment for their own financial ambitions.

i still think counter culture incorporation would be a good counter to greedhead corporate types with the advantages that the law currently offers.

not that "Law" is'nt capable of being totally set against any up&comers.

Sunshine said...

eya MMR!

mornin, nice and calm here.

mmrules said...

I emailed Incubus and Sam..
So,hopefully they will get it fixed soon..

What's up,up North ? :)

Sunshine said...

Bgurl up and getting ready for work.

1st cuppa coffee for us.

yum! and a slice of really good rye bread toast!

mmrules said...

Rye bread toast is great..

brb..need to get coffee..

to do the stupid captha thang !

dan said...

lousy day to have the blog be down. caribou barbie wants to start a war with russia. can you believe she's conducting foreign policy with georgia and she's not even elected yet. chavez told the us to go pack sand and kicked the ambassador out after they broke up an assassination attempt. oh, and mcbush the pow is still telling lie on top of lie. and the msm is telling us that mcbush is the leading choice.

Sunshine said...

interview coming up for the scene shop master carpenter position.

would really like to have that gig, can bycycle to work or walk.

got 6 months off in the summer.

and the fun of putting together good college theater.

Sunshine said...

eya dan.

is this the most surreal election ever?

back inna few.

mmrules said...

Good Luck SJ on the School job !

It sounds like fun..
Ah..A job in "The Theater".. :)

Morning Dan..
This country is so screwed up !
If McNuts & Barbie win it's Baja or Canada for me..
I never thought I would wish I was already 65 years old..
Cash out whatever is left in my small ass retirement and,get the hell out of Dodge !

dan said...

john cole site had a good reaction to caribou barbie:

Pressed about what insights into recent Russian actions she gained by living in Alaska, Palin answered: “They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”

krista responded:

And when I look out my window I can see the moon. Doesn’t make me a fucking astronaut now, does it?

Sunshine said...

"to the moon Sarah,

to the moon!"

wheres Jackie Gleason when we need him?

mmrules said...

Sam emailed me about 20 mins ago fro his moble thang..
He said blog should be up soon.
Not soon enough.. :)

Sunshine said...

bloggie is back up!