Sunday, January 20, 2008

blog back up

SammYCam in effect here (lg) and here (small) small gives most users better stability


Alice said...


What is your reasoning behind that one, oh Liberal one?

midtown68 said...

we need a new thread here.

bibimimi troll'p said...


she crashed.

nightbird said...

hi there

Fernando said...

Blog is up

maggiesboy said...

Seems to be a lack o' bandwidth over there.

maggiesboy said...

It will be fun when Rudy's gone watching the others start to pick on Huckalujah.

midtown68 said...

** dada - dizz knee land.mp3 **

kittyhegemann said...

Hey all. You should live in NE Tennesseee. We have lots of leftover, hard rightwingers here. Trying to have a conversation that makes sense is almost impossible.

NonoNan said...

Sammy- so glad to hear you this week .. you are the best on Radio-really
what will happen if Obama gets Tex. and Hilliano gets ohio? Will Peurto rico pick the dem nominee?
Do you think that Hilliano will accept the VP position under Barack?

Alice said...

Mr. Big: Interesting dress.

Carrie: Meaning?

Mr. Big: Interesting dress.

toniD said...

Hi Shell,

Blog is down I guess. After what happened to me last time, I wasn't sure.

Alice said...

Morning Toni,

I tried posting here the second and am getting an error...we'll see if this one gets on - Do you ever go to Sam's other thread on AAR?

Cat Chew said...

That's a bit too casual.

Cat Chew said...

The selected file /tmp/fileBeofCd could not be uploaded, because the destination css/823cf81a2bab9b172a95972d0cde2dc3.css is not properly configured.

Hmph! At least the SammyCam is working.

SEDER, apologize to Lauren, dammit!

pbtrue1 said...

I love that clip


Cat Chew said...

That was nice.

Anonymous said...

blog down?

I'm doing a juniper smudge right now for me and all here and Sam always
around in spirit
: )

icelander said...

Lauren is out of focus on the cam

Anonymous said...

isn't there a focus control on the cam

James said...

can you here me now???

Dave said...


Kate Anne said...

Okay -- I am frustrated. There is a logjam on the main blog and no one is here!!! Slow..... And it is Sam's last show on Sundays. Argh!!

SuperRu said...

Site has been down for me too. I will keep trying.

Cat Chew said...

Seder's last Sunday show,
blog is fubar...
SNAFU deja vu all over again.
Just like old times! ;)

It's 6pm.
Do you know where your flag pins are?

Jmach1P said...

Testing . does THIS One work

SuperRu said...

Site is up now. Wooo Hooo

Kate Anne said...

Oh, good -- we are all out there TRYING to get our last Sunday Seder Fix. There is camaraderie in that. I am going to keep trying too. AARgh!! (Borrowing from 60th Street's post on Seder's AAR post. Please leave one there if you haven't already!)

I'm going to sign on totally as I at least can HEAR Sam on WWRL the last hour so I have nothing to lose by re-booting but, I repeat: AARgh!!

(And with luck I can SEE Sam and David Sirota tomorrow in NYC.)

Peace Hugs!!

Jmach1JP said...

Online and Active! (in the last 5 min)
There are currently 43 users and 82 guests online.
Online users

Peaches Pseudonymous
M the a-c
Cat Chew
mo lib
Thespian Lipsti...

pbtrue1 said...

It went down again


Kate Anne said...

Good Grief -- I posted one post at the main blog and it has shut me out again!!

Well, I posted the link for THIS site so maybe some others will find it. So far, I have nothing on the Sedercam. Soon, I hope....

Five days for Sam!!!!

shelaghc said...

I can't get into the main blog. I think it's overrun.

pbtrue1 said...

Lauren too!

shelaghc said...

Hi Lauren!

Spunk-Monkey said...

Yeah, the main blog is gettin' "hinky". I hope the whole Seder family shows up on the cam though...

GBC said...

I luvs ya Sammer!

GBC said...

SAM! Tell it like it is.

Hillary's a bitch! Say it... SAYYYYYY ITTTTTTT!

Kate Anne said...

Great to at least see/hear the cam -- and find some of the Sederistas here when the other blog goes bonkers!!!

Sam is wonderfully upbeat and should be 'cause we love him!!!

Anonymous said...

gbc, I still think that the term 'bitch' is sexist. I'd rather call her a shitbag!

Star Vox said...

I have enjoyed your shows, Seder.

I started listening to your "first" show on the first day.

I am looking forward to your next show.

I have enjoyed participating on your blogs since the beginning.

Best wishes, Seder.

Long live Seder and Latin!

n.b. Ad astra per alia porci!

LumpinProllie said...

went to nada

Sunshine said...

the end of an era,

the start of another page in history.

C'ya AArgh SamSederShow! hello SamSederUnleashed!

Spunk-Monkey said...

I wonder if he'll carve up the set and sell chunks on eBay like they did after Mystery Science Theater 3000 wrapped up?

pbtrue1 said...

Seder blog is down?
Sitting here for a bit.

pbtrue1 said...
Radio Show: Sam Seder Show
Market: Xm Satellite
Format: Talk / Personality
Description: Left wing political talk

Number of Ratings: 14
Average Rating: 5.0

Ratings are based on a maximum score of 5.0 (rank 206,110)
Visits per Month 11,040
This site reaches approximately 6,859 U.S. monthly uniques. The site is popular among a somewhat male following.The typical visitor reads

Similar Audience

Site Affinity 2276.3x 2109.8x 999.9x 853.1x

Keyword Affinity
sam seder 6313.3x
ed schultz 298.8x

Sam you had good stats.

Them dirty Red Rat Bastages.

mmrules said...

The Blog is down Again ! ?

I thought it was just me..


pbtrue1 said...


Kate Anne said...

What is wrong, pbtrue? Is that a primal scream?

pbtrue1 said...

I can't see Sammy.


Hi (((KateAnne)))
loved your blog and the pics!

LumpinProllie said...

Hi Everyone! It's Treebu! Any news on Sam? Y'all holding up ok?

pbtrue1 said...


Suffering intense SEDER withdrawl

toniD said...

Hi Guys

The blog is impossible. Incubus just up the server yesterday and it still can't take the traffic.

I have the cam but too many people don't.

Sam said he was going to look into newer technology. He should start a blogger radio program with host from the blogger world to have an internet radio program on all day.

pbtrue1 said...

toni, both Fernando and SJ have offered to help finance the equipment. This is so heartbreaking.

toniD said...

I know pbtrue1.

It's hard to blog today too.

Kate Anne said...

Sam was so upbeat at the Sirota book event. He is just so real and exudes a beautiful energy. He deserves the best -- the internet show idea sounds like a good one. There are ways to get fans (us) to donate.

pbtrue1 said...

((((Seder Fans))))

Fernando said...

Anyone here?

Janet said...

Hi, I'm here because Alter got me so mad on Countdown. It took me forever to update on Blogger, oh well.

Fernando said...

hey janet. The blog is back up at

LumpinProllie said...

What is the addrss for the sam seder blog? The show blog, or is this the blog now?

Fernando said...

go to lumpinprollie

Fernando said...

the site is undergoing maintenance right now.

mmrules said...

Hoooowdy ! :)

Does anyone know when the maintenance will be done tonight ?

And,is Sammy's blog going to have a New Address ?


mmrules said...


And,where is everyone ?

Not here.. :)

Thank goodness Malloy didn't call in sick again..

mmrules said...

Sam's Blog Is Back Up ! :)

toniD said...

Looks like the blog is down again.

Can't seem to load up.

Anyone here? anonyone having that problem?

edna ellen poe said...

Greetings Blogafellows.

Yes ToniD. The other blog is out of order.

janet said...

I'm having nothing but trouble with the new blog. Either can't get through at all or if I do, can't log in or get to comments.

mmrules said...

Hi Janet..
Yesterday the blog got a new server and was down for awhile..
It just went down again about 15mins ago..
Don't know for how long..
Hopefully,for just a short while..
Hope that helps abit. :)

janet said...

Thanks MMRules.

dan said...

is anybody getting anything on the blog at or the radiobike address? i got something back at 5:30 this morning and then its benn page cannot be displayed. flush dns doesn't seem to make a difference

what now toons said...


mia_nj said...

.. me neither... must be getting slammed since sam's on for malloy???