Sunday, December 23, 2007

We're down-- show is on at 4pm

and site should be up before then.. have a good holiday


mmrules said...

About time !

Blog goes down too much..
Kinda like the Cam..

We still love ya though.. :)

Fernando said...

"We changed the debate"... Pelosi told Wolf Blitzer regarding ineffective attempts to stop the war...

Someone needs to tell her she isn't the Speaker of the house to change the debate. She was sent to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney and to end the war. Geez elitist arrogant speed bump of a woman.

mmrules said...

She and,The Weak Democratic Leadership is The Debate Now !

And,it shouldn't be !

mmrules said...

Site was up for about 1 min..
Now down again !
Gezz !

Mirella said...

keep your pants on ok, except i am wearing a skirt right now

mmrules said...

Crap !
They could have put up a Whole New Website in the time sites been DOWN !
Sammy Needs NEW IT guys !

Let Fernando or Brett run the damn site !
This Sucks Sam !

We still love ya Sam..
But,Gezz !

Annette said...

Oh shit!!! I broke it!!!! All the pics and music we put on there done crashed sam's blog!

OH NO!!!

I'm sunk. I'm going to Hell for talking to you guys, and even *there*, ya'llz gonna make me sleep wid da fishies!! Shit!!!!


Alice said...

Happy Sunday, Blog!


mmrules said...

Ba Humbug !

toniD said...

Hi all,
Home from work.

Sam's blog still down :(

toniD said...

This capthca stuff is a pain.

I don't have it turned on at my blog.

toniD said...

c-span replaying the hearing of the girl that was raped by KBR employees Scott Horton from Harpers is testifying right now.

mmrules said...

Party At ToniD's !! :)

mmrules said...


Da Bears are doing very good so far,today !

Anonymous said...

Blog is back.

Nice Harry Shearer xmas show today